LPP Tryout: Céline Bourbon:
 Is a real French girl. She adores Coco Chanel, la cuisine francaise and love. She falls in love nearly every day. Her one and only ever lasting relationship is fashion. Céline dreams of becoming a famous designer or a rich actress.
age: 20
look-a-like: Clemence Poesy (I was wondering if I could change her character? I think Heather Marks portrays her more. If she is taken please assign another model? Let me know. Or please suggest a different model, I can't find anything pretty about Clemence.)
from: Paris, France

Celine or Cee (her nickname) has a list of countless hobbies, though her main ones are acting, designing, photography and fashion. Cee seems like a hopeless romantic though she is completely the opposite. She isn't looking for love and doesn't plan to for a while, at least. She's trying to pursue her acting career though things aren't going as smooth as she planned. Cee thinks maybe being a designer is her only hope, until photography came her way. Though Cee doesn't pursue it often, she loves snapping pictures--candid, mostly--of nature and scenery. Cee is a quiet girl on the outside but has a huge personality on the inside and very few have gotten to know her inside, at least very few gentlemen. Cee plans on staying single to launch her career and she has a few friends who will help her along the journey.

Top Three Picks:
Celine Bourbon 

December 13 - on the Calender

Skiing, I thought, I can't do it. How can I swap my precious Chanel pumps for ski gear? I trembled at the though of slipping on the ice. Living in Paris all my life, I'd be very privilégiée and with that also comes being very protégées. I was never really allowed to go anywhere or do anything except stay at home and watch endless Audrey Hepburn movies or be glued to my sewing machine while a Marilyn Monroe film was playing. It was my life and I loved it. I'd never been aventureux because my privileged and protected life, but I want to start some day. 
Skiing. Oh, the though sent another fresh stream of shivers down my back. I looked out the window and saw heavy, fluffy snow. I longed to be outside, but the skiing resort was an inside place. I didn't have to ski or sled right? I could just watch...and be a wallflower and let everyone think I'm a snobbish introverted freak like they already do. 
Or, I could flick off my worries with my Chanel nail polished hand and convince my self to ski. Hmm.
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