---> Taylor Danton
---> 19
---> employee
---> For as long as she could remember, Taylor wanted to be a writer. In elementary school she would walk around with a notebook, writing down everything she saw. By the time she graduated high school, Taylor had developed her own sense of eclectic fashion and realized that she wanted to write for high fashion magazines all over the world. But that was just a dream in her harsh reality. Her parents always told her that she would never get anywhere and treated Taylor as if she were worthless so they never even cared enough to save money for college. They made just enough money to make it nearly impossible for her to get financial aid or scholarships so when she got accepted into her top choice schools, she had to tell them she wouldn’t be joining any university in the fall. Now a year later, Taylor has been working hard, trying to make her way into the business. Which brought her here at Minuit. Taylor is a go-getter and an observer but she can also be loud, much to the annoyance of her other employees. They forgive her though because she has such a sarcastic personality that she keeps things lively. Even though she has big dreams, Taylor is realistic about the world around her so sometimes she gets caught up in partying, hoping to forget the world and her life.
---> model: Heather Marks {I hope this is okay with the mods}
---> taken by: Me? hopefully?

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I was in my room, curled up in a sad way. The TV was buzzing with the latest VS Fashion Show and even all my Vogue Magazines that were once stacked up to the ceiling were spread across my bed. My Dior sunglasses (my aunt had gotten them for me two winters ago) were laying on my nightstand next to a bottle of Just Cavalli perfume. How did I start affording the glamorous life? No, not from Daddy's wallet or from heredity. I earned it.
I'm an employee at Minuit and I'm new, so the girls are so catty and rude towards me. I suspect them to be. I can be very obnoxious and sarcastic, but that's who I am. I definitely got my sarcasm from my mother. I remember when I was seven years old and I was reading a college-level book that I told my mother, "I want to be a writer someday. Like for Vogue or at least Teen Vogue."
Her reply? "You'll become a writer the day I become rich."
Which would be never, of course. But I'm going to prove her wrong. Sometimes I wish she'd die but then again I wish her to be alive the day I do become a journalist or writer for a top-notch magazine and start making it big. Then she'll see who really is the failure. Mother or daughter? All my life I've been trying to prove her wrong but she just doesn't seem to understand me. I've given up on that for now.
My main focus now is trying to please everyone at Minuit. How did I found my job? Nobody really knows, all I know is that now that I have it I have to strive to keep it. Even if that means letting go of my childhood dream...for a while, at least.
So, I lay there on the rug in my room in my own rented apartment, watching TV and flipping through Vogue after Vogue. 
Since tomorrow will be my first official month at Minuit, I have to start dressing like I work in the fashion business. I went to my closet and tried on everything I owned. Nothing seemed up to the girls at Minuit's expectations. I sighed and sat on my bed, slowly falling into a little depression of how awful my life was going...
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