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I've been kind of absent lately! did you guys miss me? hahah surely you didn't even noticed, well not all of you, thanks to the girls who wrote me asking me if everything is alright. Fortunately it is, I think there's sometimes when we get some obstacles in our way that distracts us for a brief moment, it's so tempting that rejecting it is so painful but we need to meditate properly before taking a decision, I have some extra time to choose but well... why am i even saying so? hahaha! ok I wrote this while watching a movie, probably it is full of mistakes and stupid xD but I don't know what's wrong with me lately, all I write is useless and I've been writing and erasing so much, at the end this was the result... don't fall asleep while reading! heheh <3 

When May woke up that morning her family and G were already sitting at the table having breakfast, she scowled and half asleep sat next to G. May’s mom and G exchanged suspicious gazes during some minutes, until May’s friend sighed loudly.

“Mom, I’ll do it, I’m sorry” G said and handed May some papers. “These letters arrived today” He looked away trying to avoid May’s eyes.

“What is this?” she asked confused.

“Read it yourself” May’s sister said slightly nodding.

“It’s good news, but…” Before G could completely finish talking, May’s mom prodded him with the elbow on the ribs, leaving him breathless for some seconds while May read the letter that was directed to her company.

“This is a joke, isn’t it?” May had a euphoric expression.

“Well, as one could say, it is not!” G shouted excitedly opening his arms to embrace his friend.

But as May always said, she was a lucky unfortunate person and all her achievements were always accompanied by some kind of sorrow. G and May had been selected for a publication in an international magazine as the ‘Promising Fashion Partnership’ It was not such a big thing considering that both of them had already featured in various magazine articles, but all the fuss about that it was in fact that the only mention meant a nomination for the Newcomers Fashion Award, with a monetary prize that people would have died for and the recognition of important people in the fashion world. No doubt, it was amazing news for the young friends; unfortunately, May’s excitement vanished just as suddenly as it appeared.

“Babe, I’m horrible, I know it, I know you’ll hate me so much after this, but you’ll find about this anyway” G groaned hopelessly when May and him were left alone in the house, May turned off the TV and gazed him worriedly.

“That tone…” G, grabbed her hand and nodded, afraid of what was coming up.

“Just be strong, probably it’ll hurt” May nodded as the exasperation of not knowing what made G talk in such a way took over her and her hands began to shake. “Jaeseop is leaving U-kiss for 6 months, he’s going to New York, to study” G said quickly, afraid that if he made a pause he wouldn’t be able to continue.
May smiled, no tears or shock as G had expected were shown in her face, all the opposite a smile curving on her lips.

“I’m happy for him, he… he deserves it” May’s best friend could notice that her smiled was weakening and her upper lip slightly trembled. “We love New York, it’s an amazing city, you know… fashion, pretty girls…” She said looking away.

“Then we should pay him a visit” As if that simple phrase had hurt deeply her feelings, the girl turned on the waterworks, leaning her body against the sofa cushion and covering her face with her arms. “May, calm down, it’s not like if he’s leaving U-kiss for good, he’s just going to study…”

“I don’t care about the group!” She grumbled.

“Then, why…”

“I know I’m a fool, but inside I still… I can’t forget what happened between us, I… I won’t see him next six months, that just mean one thing” she stopped for a brief moment to wipe her tears. “He’ll completely forget about me”

And as beam of light, May’s words invaded G’s mind and he finally knew what he was supposed to do to help her friend. ‘Probably not the smartest solution, but definitely the one that will make this stupid girl happier’ he thought to himself as he hugged her and caressed her hair.

Meanwhile, the situation in Seoul was not exactly the best for Stephanie, as childish and ridiculous it may seemed, she was avoiding Suho so much that he suddenly became worried about her welfare, he horrified imagined what May would have said if something was going on and he hadn’t took care of her friend properly. 
Fortunately for Stephanie, the news about Jaeseop gave her a reason to ignore her own problems and that night, she engaged in a long conversation with her best friend. May looked tired and her eyes were swollen, but she smiled brightly all the time, they talked about Seoul, G&M’s success and of course about U-KISS rapper, but May didn’t show any sign of weakness, she didn’t cry or put on a sad face.

“I’ve cried for all the years I haven’t cried” May explained. “Do you remember, when we were young?” Stephanie nodded. 

“You never let people see you crying” 

“Exactly, what has happen to me?” May inquired. “What has happen with my life, I’ve reached all I ever wanted, why do I feel so empty? Why do I feel so alone?”

“You’re not alone” Stephanie tried to cheer her up, but her friend shook her head.

“I knew something like this would happen, instead on focusing on people around me, I’ve focused on working and now I have no one to share my happiness with”

“That’s your problem, you don’t realize you have a lot of people with you, happy of your success, you’re always aiming something else and don’t appreciate the love of the people you already have by your side” May looked down ashamed. “I’m sorry I didn’t-“

“You’re right” May recognized. “I’m such a big failure as person” 

“You’re not a failure, you just need a new start and a heaven’s omen” her best friend laughed. 

After talking with May, Stephanie thought that it was time to move on and simply ignore the fact Suho liked her best friend, as May had said, love couldn’t be forced and if the guy in question fancied someone else, it was better to give up and live happily without paying too much attention to that kind of stuff, after all there was also happiness in working and being successful in other ways. Even though May loved Jaeseop so much, she was realistic enough to understand that her life didn’t depend on him or his decisions and she was strong enough to accept the fact she wasn’t an important part in his life. Stephanie sighed loudly thinking about how much she admired her friend and looking at the ceiling with a lost gaze.

“Dear God, give us a signal” She prayed to the invisible force she believed in, knowing that even if she didn’t receive that signal, she would feel relieved after letting go all her worries.

However, the sign she asked for, magically arrived next morning when Stephanie stepped into the university hall and found her classmates gathered around the entrance, apparently looking at something on the wall. 

“What is all of this about?” Stephanie scowled.

“Nu’est is coming this afternoon!” Min Hee replied jumping up and down excitedly. 

“Oh… great” Stephanie said paying no attention and heading to her class, ignoring the enthusiastic exclamations of the fan girls. 

Later the same day, she found herself being dragged by Min Hee to the university’s theater.

“Hey, I can’t stay! I need to go home!” Stephanie protested, her mood wasn’t exactly cheerful lately. Min Hee pouted like a baby, gaining a glare from the other girl. “Ok, ok, I’ll stay!” she sighed loudly. Minutes later, she completely forgot about her previous annoyance when Action started to play and 5 guys stepped on stage. 

“I feel glad I stayed in the concert” Stephanie said sitting in a corner of Seoul Mate the day after.

“I’m glad as well” Baekho replied smiling widely, the girl took a sip of her frozen coffee wondering if the signal she had been waiting for was him.


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Gorgeous! love it so much, especially those hanging black photo frames, it gives an edge to your set :D keep up the good work! <333

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another incredible set! gorgeous!

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Your sets are so amazing!

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Fabulous set sweetie!!! ♥♥♥

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wowwwwww, dear... so awesome... super hyper mega fab!!!

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great story! now i am curious if Suho or Baekho is the one for Steph :D

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awesome story!

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cool set :)

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