1. Im a good boy! I love my self and im type of "me decay" me, my self and I
2. I never give voucher to my friend, through away =))
3. I had 3 year in London and i want comeback
4. I hate ugly people
5. My favourite plant is nothing cos im lazy :D
6. I am a noob- english
7. Idk how to answer this
8. In the morning I always drink a coke
9. I hate poem
10. I hate maths and i love image and picture only =))
11. I like to dress up trendy and classy fab
12. I wish my hair would look like its like 
13. I am collecting xxx film =))
14.idk how to answer this
15. I am a reader. I love books.
16. I think I am interesting guy, cos im funny and people wanna makes friend with me :D
17. I've got an apple tree i'll be New of Newton 
18. I don't like smiling with teeth. cos im heavy smoker
19. i lost my gucci scarce on the airplain cos im chatting to much then standup and go away :(( i missed my gucci
20. i'll travel to Japan next August
21. I hate mouse
22. I don't like slutty, arrogant and unfriendly persons...they are so...
23. I love chatting and gossip 
24. I love my face and i think im cute
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