Heels and Wedges

About: This is EASY! Just enter a set that has heels in it. Any color, store, or style is excepted. Wedges are okay too! IMPORTANT-the first set above shows a good example for the contest, the second set above shows a bad example for the contest. PM ME WITH QUESTIONS! I can help you with what is and isn't elligible. (:

1) Two entry limit
2) Eight people will win
3) Heels/Wedges must be visible (not like one tiny heel in a mosiac set in second example above.)
4) Heels/Wedges must be created with an outfit.
5) Mods choose winners and GOOD LUCK!!

Goal: 30 entries (That would be the best but let's try to go above 30!!)

Deadline: September 20, 2009

Created by zzz-2014. Created in Trendsetters Unite*. 29 sets from 16 members. Ended 7 years ago.