Safari Nails

5.Snow Leopard

You will need:
-Yellow/Gold nail polish
-A black nail art pen or nail art brush

How To:
Step1: Apply base coats of the yellow-y gold, let dry.
Step2: Put random black markings on your nails, to resemble a cheetahs fur, don't get into a patteren, be random with the markings!

You will need:
-White nail polish
-Black nail art pen or nail art brush

How To:
Step1- Apply white base coat, let dry.
Step2- Make fine lines and thicker lookking lines with your black nail art pen/brush, be carefull and dont let the lines touch, and use a curved lines NOT straight, to get the zebra print look.

You will need:
-Brown nail polish
-White nail art pen or brush

How To:
Step1- Apply brown base coat, blah blah blah, let dry.
Step2- Now you take your white and make STRAIGHT lines and connect them to resemble Giraffe print, dont do every nail in the same patteren make them different, it takes a steady hand to make straight lines, so maybe do some practice strokes on a peice of paper.

You will need:
-Orange nail polish
-Black nail art pen or brush

How To:
Step1: Orange base coat and dry
Step2: It seems like most of my friend have trouble doing tiger stripes, but the technique is pretty basic. Start on the side of your nail and lightly flick the nail art brush out. Stop it at a point along the middle, or a little past middle part of your nail. Do the lines in twos.

5.Snow Leopard
You will need:
-Grey nail polish
-black nail art brush
-white nail polish

How To:
Step1:Grey base coat, let dry.
Step2:With the black nail art brush make different size C's on your nail in a random order. about 3 or four are enough. This can be tricky, especially if your using the hand you dont write with, so take your time.
Step3: With white paint apply small dots at the hyperbola of the C's.

**Hope you like the Tutorial! 
Oh you can PM me or Comment REQUESTS for future "Heidi's How To's" 
It can be stuff like:
-How to plan an outfit for certian events
-Or anything else I can take pictures of and explain how to do it (:

I'll probally be making these weekly if you guys read them and like them! (:

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Wrote 5 years ago
i just use a tooth pic

Wrote 6 years ago
you r rlly talented

Wrote 6 years ago
kay so i tried doing this && it was an epic fail :P you have skilllsss

Wrote 6 years ago
this is soo cool!(:



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