Name: Jamie Lynne Wilson
Style: Dark and indie
Likes: motorcycles, dirt bikes, quads, drama, modeling, singing, college boys, and swimming.
Dislikes: people (in general), parties, bitchy girls, and school.
Bio: When you think of Jamie Wilson the words that might pop into your head are shy, mysterious, and gorgeous. Her mom Andrea was a famous singer which inspired Jamie to become a singer and a model because she always loved the spotlight. But since her mother died she's struggled and doesn't like to be noticed. She's very sneaky so she always knows everyones latest drama. She's the girl everyone forgot.
Clique: Drifters
Flaw: She tends to be stubborn and likes to do things her own way and she's sarcastic.
Model: Julie Ordon
+ Why do you want to be a part of this RP?
I would like to be a part of this role play because i never been in a group like this before and i think it would be exciting.
+ Will you be able to make at least 2 sets a week? Will you be active and comment on others sets?
Yes i will be active and make 2 sets a week because i come on polyvore at least once a day.
+ Random fact about yourself 
I play softball :)
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