Greetings! I have not made a set in a while, or commented or liked a set. my bad.
But I honestly don't care all that much, I'm moving on from grazing this site all the time. That's right, I grazed, like a cow. Are cows bored?
you can answer that.

What's up with me?
Going into my senyo yeaaa! zing boom smash clap.
I started on this website in 8th grade lolz. but the worst are my complaining freshmen sets. like uuuuuggggh my liiiiiife. no one cares. psh.

My style is toning down a bit, getting more and more preppy. I know, you were totally waiting for that. You're welcome.

so maybe it will be 3 months, maybe 3 days.
I ain't chained to nuthin'.
no I'm not ghetto fab, it's only a far of dream of mine. Sportin big hoop earrings and cornrows, that's when your the prettiest!
gonna go running' then read.
adios whoever reads this.
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