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Juliette, SH

Monday: Its move-in day! Time to have your movers haul in your new Ethan-Allen and Ashley furniture sets. Remember to get your new fall wardrobe shipped in. Apparently this will be a year to remember. There won't be anything quite like it.

"I'll miss you Jewels," my father said as he halted the car to a stop, glancing at me.

I hopped out holding onto my luggage and leaned on the car door. Reluctantly I said, "I'llmissyoutooDad" as fast as I could and slammed the door shut. I thought I heard him say something else but I had already left. 

Walking across campus to get to the dorms brought back memories from the past year. Everyone was so suspicious of me last year. Who could blame them though?

 I was the new girl, the one who skipped a grade and somehow got accepted into Corpus Humanis. Once the suspicion had died down, a few people talked to me, but mostly what had got were just glares. Nobody knew my story last year. As I was searching for my dorm room, I hoped that nobody would figure me out this year either. 

I've done a pretty good job of hiding things, I thought, smiling to myself. 

"Hey, Juliette!" I heard my name from a familiar voice. 

It was Landon. "Landon! I was looking everywhere for you."

 I let go of my keys, setting them on top of my suitcase and embraced him. 
He hugged me back and that's when I noticed his entourage. Emmy, Chanel, Vic, Klaire, Jayde and the guys. They barely acknowledged me last year except for Klaire and Emmy, but I got the feeling they didn't exactly like me. 
"Hey guys!" I tried, stepping back and grinning widely. 
Emmy, the emo-looking quiet girl with the dark, long hair interjected with, "We're leaving now," and she walked on with her friends following. 

I furrowed my eyebrows. What was her problem?

 I shrugged, looking at Landon for an explanation. He didn't say anything, just made a "I'm sorry" face and caught up with the rest of the gang. 

I turned around and went into my dorm, coughing a little because of the dust. I dragged my suitcases inside and shut the door. I was tired already. It had been a long drive. All I wanted to do was relax, saving socializing for tomorrow. 


[Eww pointless story...So sorry I didn't include everyone, and those of you who I did, it was only briefly! Please PM if you want to be in my next story and we can work out a storyline!]

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