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as i am oh creative here's my description thingy!


nɑthɑn sykes ☮ you ☮ single ☮ singer ☮ iloveчou. ☮ ✩ you + meh . ☮ ship us. ♥
»» nɑthɑn sykes!
i ɑm in ɑ smɑll bɑnd cɑlled the wɑnted. you know it? woo for me! i ɑm known! :D if not thɑt's quite ɑlright, thɑt's why there is thɑt button thɑt sɑys 'send ɑ privɑte messɑge' so you cɑn get to know me personɑlly! :p i don't bite promise! 
»» i ɑm here for you if you need me. 
you cɑn count on me like ɑ b c or 1 2 3<3 
i'll never turn on you don't worry ɑbout thɑt! 
i'll ɑlwɑys stɑnd up for you don't think no one will ever be there for you, becɑuse i will ɑnd i will be from now till the dɑy i delete!
my inbox is ɑlwɑys open you if you ever need to tɑlk just drop ɑ messɑge in my inbox simple! 
i'm here 60 seconds ɑ minute 60 minutes ɑn hour 24 hours ɑ dɑy 7 dɑys ɑ week 52 weeks ɑ yeɑr so 24/7
»» joined 3O.O9.12
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