Autumn Ritz (23) samisglam
Major: Politics
Appearance: Coco Rocha
Autumn has a gaggle of followers always at her heels despite her cold, ice-queen personality. She€™s very charismatic and into politics. You can find Autumn in classic designer goods such as a tailored Chanel suit or Louis Vuitton purse. She loves seizing power and taking leadership. She has a soft spot for irresistible European men. (Who doesn™t?!) Some may call her a power-obsessed bitcch, but Autumn is just going after what she really wants. She kind of wants the whole world in her hands.
I stepped out of the taxi. a magnificent gothic inspired structure building rose before me. Montrose Lily university. 
Time to forget canada. home of maple flavored bacon, free healthcare, and a hockey player who stole my heart. 
"you going to just stand there all day or do you want your lugage?" the taxi drivers voice jerked me out of my thoughts. 
"erm, yes. i do." i repled. "could you possibly help me with it" i flashed a demure smile. 
"yeah, i'll help ya" he huffed as he got out of his taxi.

i looked back at the building. taking in the scene. students were milling around. leaves were turning crisp. maybe things will change now that I here. after all I already knew one person in the city. adam.
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