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Welcome back students, today is the first day at Beacon Hills High School, or as some of you like to call it your own personal hell. There are many new faces in the crowd today, and some all too familiar ones. Either way, for most of you this is a fresh start, maybe your the new kid trying not to be noticed, or have reinvented yourself over the summer. The mood in the air is different this year though, the normal buzz of the first day of school has changed. A memorial for Melony Williams has been put up, and there is talk of a curfew that might soon be enforced. Students are anxious, whether they are in the dark about beacon hills supernatural activity or not, no one knows how exactly Melony died. 

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Natalie was preparing herself for class, she hated that the boring routine was back, but in a few years she would be free of all that and would have her own pack. 
She heard the girl talking about killing werewolves, a hunter, she had overheard her father talking about how some hunters had been killing all the packs since the Mexico till California. It had to be her, her body expression, Natalie could smell the hate coming out of her.
Suddenly she had the idea of a plan. 
She stared at the girl and enjoyed that the hallway was almost empty. A good time to put her plan in progress. 
She would attack the girl, show to be impulsive, something she wasn't, this way the hunter would think she is less than she actually is. 
She pulled the girl against the lockers. 
"Stay away from him" She said and gave a small howled. 
"Hasn’t anyone told you that it’s rude to overhear other people’s conversations?” She said.
Natalie rolled her eyes. 
“You are not people! You are monsters!” Natalie said, and they really were. 
“Says the monster.” The hunter said. 
But Natalie was not the one killing people. 
“It was only right what they do to your fellow hunter. Serves him right.” She said, she was starting to lose her temper with her. 
“Listen to me you little b.itch.” The girl said almost roaring “I would put a bullet between your eyes here and now, but I don’t want to waste any bullets on someone like you.” 
Natalie rolled her eyes, if the girl only knew who she was probably would have put a bullet into her head, but then Natalie felt a desire for cutting her throat in that moment.

She left the girl and went to the chemistry class. She would need to hang for another two periods of mr. Harris, but she could do it right? 

Natalie had missed the history class with her mother, she just needed to calm her head after confronting Olivia Calavera, about hunting the new students and other wolves. 
She just wanted to send that hunter to the deep of the tartarus, why couldn't she do that? 
She looked up to her watch and noticed that was better not losing Harris' classes, the teacher that loved to make them feel pain. She was sure of that. 
She walked just as the bell rang, luckily for her, other detention with Harris would ruin her day even more. Natalie looked around and saw that the only spot left was next to Greenberg and of the new girl, faster than anyone else she sat byt the girl's side. 
She would never sit next to greenberg, last time she did, well, she didn't wanted to remember of other detentions. She looked up to the clock, just one hour of class, she could survive to it. But the truth was that she preferred Wolfsbane than his classes. 
Anyone would. 
She started to notice that the girl smelt differently, she knew the smell from far, werewolves. She was next to another werewolf. Her day had just gotten better, for the first time. 
She wasn't really paying attention to what that lame teacher was saying, but then she noticed the girl's answered and smiled. 
"Students like you are the reason of beacon hills being the seventy four city in the california when talks about knowledge"
"Or maybe teacher like you" Natalie let scape, instantly regretting, Harris' face was closed and he looked like he could throw a table on her.

Natalie smiled before saying. "I hope not being in your class too". She continue trying to find the page that the teacher had said to move to. She gave a small look to the clock on the wall, the time seemed to pass slowly just because was Harris' classes. 
"Welcome" She said to the girl, it wasn't nothing, she just couldn't stand watching Harris torture the new students or any one. If she had a blacklist, after the hunters there would be Harris. 
"I am Natalie by the way" She said to the girl and watched as everyone arranged a lab partner, she was fine with the new girl, there was no need to move to sit next to any other person. 
"Look like you're my new lab partner for this semester" She said to the girl, and got a ugly look from Harris for talking in his classes.

Natalie holded a laugh when the girl said she wasn't so stupid as Harris made her look like. She predicted that the girl and her were going be friends at least. "Yes" She said looking at Naomi "I think his mother must have let him fall on the floor when he was a child". 
Yes, definitly Harris was that jack/ss since always, and with everyone, Natlie remembered the day that her mother, the history teacher and Harris' colleague, almost punched him in the face.
Was the best teacher and parents reunion ever. 
She heard the teacher talking about how they shouldn't touch any of the chemicals, but she didn't listened to him. She was more focused on getting used of whose was which smell.
That was one of the reasons which she hated new years, a bunch of new students to get used to, all she listened to was when Naomi told her to get the glasses, and she did in a flash of eyes.
Shi/t. She had exposed herself, she hated when she did things like that. Igh.
"Thanks" She said to Naomi and some guys of the lacross team were staring at her.
"Honey, that why I should be in the lacross team and not you" She said and winked at them. 
"Nice movement" She said to Naomi, talking about the thrown. "I think that we should be in the lacross team, not them" 
She looked at the notebook and at the rest of the class, they were doing something.
She had no idea of what they were doing.
"Do you know what we are suposed to do?" She said and scretched her neck.

Natalie smiled, she was starting to really like this girl, the sassy attitude. Something was telling her that they would get along very well. There weren't many nice people in the town. 

"Yep" Natalie said and looked around. She was going to get an exam in chemistry, totally. 

"I mean, it can't be too bad right?" Natalie said and suddenly their reaction started to gave more bubbles, and get red, and to grow.
Oh oh. 
Something was telling her that they probably did something wrong and that would cause a big problem, she just didn't knew if it was her mind or if it was her wolf instincts. 

When the thing start to grow even more and to make smoke she definitly knew each one was telling her that. Her wolf sense. 
The professor stared at them and it seemed that the time got slower. 
"GET DOWN" It was all that Natalie could say to Naomi before the thing exploded and their weird substance and glass got all over the classroom. 
Oh, they were so screwed.

All that Natalie could feel was all the eyes staring at her, even like that it was awesome, they probably would get a detention but it ended up being an unique experience.
She laughed when Naomi said that it was awesome, she wasn't alone in the world. 
The teacher said something about cleaning up, and they were of course in detention, but it was an one life time oportunity.
The bell ran and the teacher said that instead of going they needed to stay to clean up the mess, she didn't cared. "We tried" She nodded and laughed. "Oh his face was the best" She said talking about Mr. Harris.

"YES" Natalie said smiling, she felt that Naomi and her would totally be prank partners, and that they would turn the school upside down, but whatevah, it was so awesome. 
"I never saw him so annoyed!" She commented laughing, "We totally got into Beacon Hills High School History". She looked around, it was a mess and probably would take a long time to clean but it was totally worth it. 
Natalie nodded. "Yeah we see each other later" she said. "And Naomi, I liked you girl". 

Then she watched Naomi leaving the room. 

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