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About 2 weeks after our last sleepover the time for another one came around. AKA the time for Halloween! 

I had found out between that time that I did not have any classes with Ricky,just lunch. Which upsetS me quite a bit. Ricky was cool and really hilarious once you get past that whole mysterious as f*ck persona he has. 

As for Destery...Man,what can I say about Des? He's constantly being a sweetheart towards me. Pretty much every word that comes out of his mouth makes me laugh or think he's even cooler then I thought he was. He also has great music taste! Not only that but he makes music too.

Today,Des and I arranged to have a short tutoring session for Math before we went trick or treating with our friends.

I was sitting on the couch in my living room when I heard the doorbell ring.I jumped up and went to answer the door.When I passed by a mirror in the hall I stopped for a sec to look over myself.

My straight brown hair cascaded down my shoulders and over my black off the shoulder top. My crystal blue eyes were bright and blue lined with black eyeliner and silver eyeshadow. And my black shorts and black distressed polka dot tights showed off the curve of my legs. I looked good. 

After my quick inspection I jogged over to the door. I was greeted with a smirking and gorgeous(as usual) Destery who had a backpack slung over his shoulder.

"Hey." He said. "Hi." I replied. I noticed that outside it was becoming cloudy and looked like it would rain. "Come in,it must be cold out there." 

Once he was inside we headed upstairs and into my room. I sat down on my bed and patted the space next to me while looking at Des.He sat down then took out his book and a pen.

"So where are you having the most difficulty?" I asked Des while moving the book in an angle where we'd both be able to read it.

"Geometry. I just don't get all the shapes and shit." I chuckled at his repsonse." Well I'm here to help." 


20 minutes later I was able to get Des to understand enough Geometry that he'd be able to make at least a C+ in the class.Which he said he was alright with. 

A light drizzle of rain went on outside giving the room a serene and calm feeling. It was nice.

"Welp,I'm BORED." Des announced dropping his pen and standing up off the bed. He walked over to the filing cabinet next to my bed and leaned on it. I shut the textbook and rolled onto my back looking up at Des. "As am I."

"So what do you wanna do?" He asked putting his hands in his pockets. I'm not sure what it was, but at that moment I had the sudden urge to kiss Destery. Why? I really don't know.He just looked so damn kissable!

Standing up from my place on the bed I walked towards Des."I dunno," while saying this I put my left hand on his forearm."What do you wanna do?"

He looked down at my hand and picked it up holding it.I stared at his lips intently.Then glanced up at his eyes.He came closer to me obviously understanding my body language.I smiled inwardly.

Lowering his head he brought his lips to mine.The sound of my heart beating rapidly thumped in my ears. Des' lips were warm and gentle on mine.A shock of electricity shot through me. I moved my right hand to his shoulder. Destery moved one of his hands to my waist pressing me closer to him.Finally! I thought.

We turned still kissing and now my back was facing the way Destery's had before. Des lifted me and sat me upon the filing cabinet. I pulled away for a moment for air. He smiled at me showing his braces."I guess we'll have to be careful since you have those? "

Destery laughed."Hm,I guess so."Then resumed kissing me.I moved my left hand around Des' neck while my right hand ran through his soft and crazily styled hair.One of his hands cupped my cheek and the other remained at my waist.

No One's POV-

Math was the last thing on these two teenager's minds now (obviously).The only thing they thought about was each other and their own kissing.

Destery was thinking,"Ohmygod!I'M KISSING AIR!The GORGEOUS girl I've loved for,like, 3 weeks! Woah,woah.Be careful Des.You don't wanna cut her pretty lips with your braces of destruction.F*cking hell,this is amazing."

And Ariana was thinking: "This. Is. Amazing. How the hell is someone so good at kissing? Ugh.I wonder if I should tell Leda and Rosie about this? Or maybe Des and I should surprise everyone while trick or treating with this news? Whatever.I'M KISSING DESTERY!!"

Lust,happiness,and love was expressed through both of the kids' lips.They both (finally) pulled away from eachother after about 3 minutes.

"Wow." They both said simultaneously.
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