hello, I Love You. It's true. Don't forget that I do.
Well I'm hyped up on sugar to try to get my mind off things. I'm having family problems an it's getting to me.
But I'm still the happy perky person I am.
I won't let it effect the way I am around you guys.
But do you guys wanna know something?
I love you forever!!!
Nothing will change that.
I promise with all my heart that it will never change.
So how are you today?
I hope you're great.
If not please come talk to me.
I would love to get to know you(:
Oh an a couple more things before I go.
@british-girl-anons Sucka!! U cant tease me anymore cuz u an Liam r finally together :PP
I ship Payer!!! All the way!!!

Ok next thing.
Will you people do our crushtag please??
For me??

People always say. "you want to see a perfect relationship? Go watch a movie" but you know what I say? "want to see a perfect relationship? Go on tumblr or weheartit or google or something an goole
Eleanor Calder an Louis Tomlinson or Perrie Edwards an Zayn Malik or Danielle Peazer an Liam Payne. Right there are 3 beautiful, perfect, amazing relationships that I ship! Forever."

Okay so I think that's it. Buh-bye now

{N E V E R G I V E U P O N Y O U R D R E A M S}

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