Name: Olivia Elliot
Age: you choose (20)
Parents: Isabel Coates (Nicole Fiscelle) and WIlliam Elliot (Nicholas Hoult)
Likes: (life, partying, studs, being free, italy, painting)
Dislikes: (being committed, relationships, drama, skanks, high fashion, models.)
Bio: Olivia "Livi" Elliot hasn't had an easy life. She's always been told she was a mistake but coming from drug-addicts as parents it wasn't hard to tell she was a mistake. Livi loved her parents with everything she had and they loved her back. They gave her everything they had which wasn't ever enough though because they couldn't afford anything. After Olivia was born her parents stopped doing drugs and started focusing more on careers and their baby girl. In a small town you couldn't find wealthy jobs but working at a grocery store seemed to fit Livi throughout high school. But Livi didn't want to follow her parents footsteps, she wanted to go to college and get a good career, one that involved painting and the arts. She chose to go to NYU because of the distance from her parents and studied arts. Her freshman year of college she met her boyfriend, Stevie, who fit her perfectly. He loved the arts too and they were always seen together. He was her everything and she was his everything. There was not a day that Livi talked to Stevie. She was in love and never was happier. Until, a late evening when Stevie and Livi were in a huge fight. Stevie was seen with another girl and Lourdes got a bit mad. Stevie tried to explain that he wasn't doing anything with the girl but Livi couldn't handle it and Stevie got angry and drove off in his car without another word. Later that night, Stevie was found died in his car collided into another car. He was drunk and crashed. Olivia was broken, hadn't come out of her house in months. She eventually promised herself that she would never get caught up in relationships ever again and so she still has not. She plans on finishing college and settling in a cottage by herself, never to be loved or love again. 
Secret(s): She has flash backs to the night Stevie died and is going to therapy to try and forget it.
Relationship status: single
Model: Ashley Sky


Hello ladies, the names Olivia but you can call me Livi. I'm really stubborn and I like to do what I want to do, so don't try to get in my way.. I'm a really nice person and try to get along with everyone I meet though. So if you want to get to know me, don't be shy.. I'm sure we can get along just fine.

Well what are you waiting for, introduce yourselves lovelies.
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