hey, i'm beekah

a k a @beekahboo :) 

t h i r t e e n 
years OF a G e ; ; ♥ 

this is my first tip account. 
- sweater weather is the best kind of weather. 
- black friday shopping gets my adrenaline going. 
- i like lighting candles in my bedroom. 
- peter pan is my role model. 
- #texasbaby♥
- i watch christmas specials like it's my job. 
- make up is N O T my speciality, tbh. 
- i could open a store with the amount of ripped jeans i bought. 
- chocolate / coffee are things i wished i like, but i don't. 
- writing on windows in foggy weather is the best. 
- i like falling asleep to the rain. 
- pink is one of my favorite colors, so expect it on my tip sets. oh & sparkles are the bomb dot com. 
- my tips will not be about makeup, how to act around guys, etc etc. 
- i love talking about myself, so this could go for days & days. but i'll stop now. 
oh & i like justin bieber:) 

& i tend to sign my sets often. 

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