It's time for new challenge in Kpop Summer Camp:
You're back from shopping, cooking for the party - it's time to invite some guest!
Pick one team from the group and party with them!


I picked @hellounicorn's team, hope you don't mind =) 

 “We’re back!”

Jiyeon announced as she opened the door for Yongguk who had insisted on carrying the heavier bag of groceries. L looked up from his camera and Hongbin quickly stood up to help but Kikwang was nowhere to be found. At least the cabin looked cleaner and not just slightly reorganized to give off the image of work having been done.

“Ooh, pasta. Noona, are you going to make pasta?”

Hongbin was already looking through the bag even as he made his way to the kitchen while Yongguk brought up the rear. A slightly unsure look came upon Jiyeon’s face and she glanced behind her to Yongguk who simply shrugged.

“We’re going to try.”

Her uncertain reply went by unnoticed by the excited maknae who was already shuffling through the rest of the groceries. 

Yongguk attempted to take charge of the pasta; it was similar to ramyun in some ways he was quite sure, but quickly let Hongbin take over since he seemed more enthusiastic. At some point L shuffled into the kitchen and after taking enough photos of the others working and generally looking confused decided to help with the fruit salad. Of course Jiyeon was quite pleased because he turned out to be an excellent watermelon cutter, even if he seemed to pause to double check his actions at times. Another perk came up when she managed to steal his camera, quite foolishly left out in the open, and he couldn’t do too much since his hands were covered in watermelon juice.

“Jiyeon, put the camera down.”

He was apparently attempting to take the casual route as if it wasn’t obvious that he was worried when she started to push buttons and spin dials. His words went by unheeded as she easily danced out of his way and avoided his attempt at rescuing his camera.

“There are a lot of photos of Kikwang and Hongbin cleaning, ah, here’s Hongbin, Yongguk, and me carrying the bags, ooh, this one of Yongguk looking confused is really nice.”

Her teasing words that became genuinely complimentary managed to cause both of them to slow down enough to look through his already impressive amount of photos taken that day. When he didn’t take back his camera after wiping his hands from the watermelon juice she took that as an opportunity to get accustomed to the camera that was quite different from the usual ones she used. That was how she ended up perched on the little counter space not needed and snapping photos of the three boys cooking, her day was definitely getting better.


The call brought their attention away from their tasks at hand as the source of the noise made his way to them. Instead of returning to their tasks or even asking Kikwang what he had been up to they were all far more distracted by the person standing behind him. Almost immediately they all abandoned their tasks to quickly greet Kikwang’s surprise guest.

“Hi, we weren’t expecting anyone, sorry for the mess.”

As the one that had somehow been thrown into the leader position Jiyeon was the one that quickly explained the current situation, quite awkwardly at that. Doojoon at least seemed to take pity on them and ignored the apron gracing the charismatic leader of BAP and the traces of pasta sauce and fruit juice scattered on them and their surroundings.

“It would be worse if this guy was helping you.”

Doojoon nodded over at his group member who didn’t seem too surprised by the joking comment.

“I invited hyung and his cabin over for a small party, that’s fine right?”

If he didn’t seem to genuinely lack understanding of how this could somehow not be fine, and if he didn’t have that eager almost puppy dog face the reaction would have probably been different. If Jiyeon were to be honest with herself the bringer of the news did affect her reception of the news a bit too much.

“Of course that’s fine, we have plenty of food and it would be nice to meet some of the other groups out here.”

Jiyeon smiled at the eager dancer before glancing back at his knowing leader who seemed to be enjoying his discovery more than the official invitation.

“That’s good; we wouldn’t want to be a bother. There are five of us by the way, we’ll be by in an hour I guess and I’ll leave this one with you so he can stop causing trouble.”

Doojoon took charge naturally and Jiyeon was slightly grateful since she still felt awkward about being the leader of her cabin group. The group members seemed to exchange a few words before Doojoon left with a quick smile and wave leaving behind an eager Kikwang.

“I think we might need more pasta.”

Hongbin pointed out as he moved to open the second box of pasta.

Jiyeon frowned as she looked in the mirror, tilted her head and squinted her eyes slightly. Should she change? L had been banished from their shared room a while ago, for someone that could appreciate color and form in a photograph he really had no eye for fashion. Kikwang’s voice dragged her out of her thoughts as she left to meet the rest of Doojoon’s cabin mates.

“This brand is great because you only need to do one or two coats but the brush isn’t the most comfortable to use.”

Sohee was in the middle of explaining her nail polish brand preferences while Jiyeon took mental notes along with a reminder to find the one that Sohee was currently wearing. It had been a relief to spot another 92’er and although Jiyeon had already grown closer to her boys, the girl talk was greatly appreciated even if she wasn’t exactly girly herself. The leaders and Kikwang had formed their own little group bonding over leader things while Kikwang helped keep their egos in check, mainly Doojoon’s since he was the easiest target. Hongbin had been quite happy to meet up with someone his own age and was even happier when he noticed Kangjun was a year younger than him; they had formed their own maknae line. This of course left Sohee and Jiyeon, the only girls and part of the 92 line to chat while L snapped pictures of the activities and at times left them to go off into his own little world. At one point Leeteuk as the oldest took charge and led them through several games, something that probably should have been avoided since alliances and targets were quickly formed and spotted with Leeteuk carrying the biggest target on his back.

“Promise to visit soon?”

Jiyeon asked as the two groups stood scattered around the door, equally reluctant to leave or see the others leave.


Sohee confirmed and readily met Jiyeon’s outstretched pinkie finger with her own. Once again it was Leeteuk that mentioned that they should be heading back and Doojoon was quick to agree with his fellow leader. Even after waving their new friends off Jiyeon was still reluctant to head back inside the cabin, something that Kikwang took note of.

“I can ask hyung to bring them all back again sometime, or we could have some sort of competition with them if you want.”

He offered helpfully and slightly guiltily since he had been the reason she had lost one of the games instead of Sohee and in typical fashion been punished by having to dance for the group.

“Hm? Oh I already made plans; I just want to let the others get a head start on cleaning up the mess they made.”

The explanation received a thoughtful look and nod from the older boy who sat down next to her on the step.

“Good plan.”
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