I think i was taken title from you @giko-is-giantsister haha<3
I want to visit Osaka too ,missing to your family's ramen shop never get enough just one bowl,Steph told me alot how recent yummy she got from you,i would like to adding ramen for this set but sadly found out no ramen's photograph from Osaka yet.

This set just fulfill my feeling i want to visit Osaka and craving for Kansai's food when it's come to land of food we can't deny Osaka is the best,various and kinda spicy.
don't forget about crab goshhhh i want to eat.

@color-me-red a guy in this set is Masaki
don't you think he a bit look a like Akanishi Jin
just leave the rest about Masaki to you.

Masaki and Yui from Legal High 2
@giko-is-giantsister funny you said to me he might possible confused himself how about new drama you watch it? feedback pls?
since he starring drama with Yui and someone look a lot a like Yui ?
i ship them together,since Masaki hangout with JE's boys a lot and Yui also starring dramas with JE so often too(Kame,Yamai,Toma,Jun) oh my all JE's boys lol.. how possible if Masaki and Yui will be a lead cast in the future..Legal High 2,Masaki isn't lead actor so he not end up with Yui,many years passed i can't found Yamapi and Yui has such a great chemistry 
but Masaki he seemed like a match made for her.

Okay,i love Osaka greeting from Tokyo @giko-is-giantsister
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