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Niall's POV

Hello September. You have a way of changing things on me. I think I have everything figured out and then you bring her back into my life when I think she is out of it. You have her standing in front of me asking a question that I know how to answer but am afraid to say the words to. 
I look at her after she asks me, "Do you miss me like I miss you?" I want to say yes quickly but if I do I know she'll be here for a moment and then be back in California and if I say no, I may not see her ever again. 
I see her wrap her arms around herself, shivering from the cool wind blowing on us and I go over to her and put my arms around her, whispering. "What do you think?"
She placed her hand on my arm, "Niall, I want to say yes that you've missed me but I need to hear those words from you."
"I know...but I'm scared to say that."
She looked into my eyes trying to search for an answer. "Why?"
"Because you'll leave again and I don't know if I can be with you and you're gone all the time."
Shira sighed, "I know this is why we broke up...but I think about you all the time and not only in September...it's like I can't get past what we had."
She said what I was thinking. Why did she have to say everything that I wanted to hear from her. I kissed her forehead softly. "I'm the same way but I don't want to admit it..." I knew I had to say what she asked me. "I do miss you Shira...more than you know."
"It's the same with me...now we know we miss each other, what now?" I knew that she wanted me to tell her an answer but with the way she held onto my arm and looked deeply into my eyes, I felt like I had to kiss her. I moved in closer and did, it was like the last time we kissed feeling everything we had between us. After the kiss she looked at me and smiled, "I had a feeling you'd do that."
"You know me so well."
"Like you know me..." I knew the way she paused that she wanted me to answer her question. 
I started saying what I was thinking. "We miss each other but now I travel more and I live here and you live in California...how are we going to make this work?"
She looked at me like she had an answer but was afraid to say it. She then bit her lip. "My sister told me that she got offered a good job here and it starts at the beginning of next year at the university. She has accepted it yet and only will if someone would move with her...but I didn't know if she wants me to move in with her and go to the university she works at...you know how me and my sister are with each other...and I didn't want to be here unless I had a reason for staying."
I nodded, Shira and her sister were opposites. Her sister always was thinking too much about things and very serious, more than Shira and looked on the bad side of things, but they still got along better than some sisters I know do. I knew that it wouldn't be the best situation but if it allowed Shira to be closer to me, then I wanted her to be here and we could be long distance for a few months until she moved here. I had to let her know that she had a reason for staying, that reason was me. "Ask her if she would want to accept the job if you came here with her. And you have a reason for staying, I have to have you in my life...I think we belong together."
She nodded, "I will. You know I felt the same way like I couldn't dream without you in my life." She then moved her hand and held onto the necklace that I got her all of those years ago, she still wore it.
I couldn't believe that she felt that she couldn't dream, she was always encouraging me to live out my dreams and now she felt like she couldn't live hers. "Never stop dreaming, Shira. No matter what happens."
She kissed my cheek softly, whispering, "I think I can now..." I smiled at her and looked up at the stars, just like we use to.
Hello September. Thank you for bringing her back to me but please let her stay for now and forever. I know that now and you know that too so don't let her go away...Hello September. Hello.

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@scary66 thank you!!! :) am going to post the last part!

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aw yes!!!!! i'm so happy they're together now ah <3
great job :)

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