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Shira's POV

Hello September. I don't think I've ever been this nervous in my life. I look at the text that Zayn gave me on where I should meet Niall at. I looked at the address over and over again, thinking that I knew where it was and then remembered back to the last night I saw him. It was the place that he parked the car and I told him about my family moving to California. Was it a coincidence or did he know about it too?
I texted Zayn and asked who picked out the place where they lived and he said, Niall did. We looked at all of these places and he said that it was the best place because of the view from his room but all you see is the road...
I shook my head almost in disbelief from the message. He really did remember that, did he remember everything about us like I did?
I wanted the plane to land soon so I could be near him. The anticipation of being near him made my heart beat faster. I wasn't the kind of girl to be nervous or worried about anything but this made me. I didn't know how he would react if he saw me or if he would want to talk to me and that was scary.
The plane finally landed and I took a taxi from the airport to their place. When I arrived, I didn't see anyone there and sat on a step, looking around, thinking back to that night. I wasn't paying attention to anything but my thoughts and heard a voice mumble a curse word under their breath and footsteps. I turned and seen him, it had been so long and he looked the same but so different at the same time. He had this look of shock on his face like he was about to cry. I wanted to go over to where he was and hug him or kiss him because I didn't know if I could say anything to him. He was the first one to speak, "Hello Shira?"
I tried to walk but my feet weren't working, I was frozen. I nodded, whispering, "It's me."
He walked closer to me, "Why? How?"
"I...I'm visiting family for my birthday tomorrow. We're taking a plane there in the morning because we couldn't get a direct flight there..." I then smiled and said, "Happy birthday Niall." 
He smiled and pulled me into a hug, "Thanks Shira." I wrapped my arms around him, it was as if I had never left them with the way he held me. 
"You're welcome." was the only thing I could say. I wanted to say more but what could I say? I still love you and I've missed you from the moment I broke up with you? I don't think that's what he would want to hear after not seeing me for two years.
"I'm happy to see you...it's a surprise."
"Same here, it's been too long since I've seen you." I felt his arms move away and him stand away from me. 
"Yeah it has been...did you want to come inside?" I nodded my head and he let me in. I saw the other guys sitting on the couch together, they said hello to me and Niall introduced me to all of them before he lead me to a patio. He closed the door behind him and said once he faced me, "Why are you really here?"
The tone he used I didn't understand, it was distant like he didn't want me to be here. "I'm here because of what I said."
He shook his head, "No, why did you come here to see me?"
The way he was talking to me, I didn't like it. I felt like I had to defend myself. "Why can't I see you? We dated for a year and we were friends before that. I want to know your okay and how everything is going for you."
He looked down at his shoes then back up with me giving me a look like he didn't care but I knew he was faking it. "I'm fine, you can see that."
I shook my head. "No you're not. I can tell by that look. Hey I'm Niall and I don't care but I really do and I don't want anyone to know."
He turned away from me and said, "Why? I had it all planned out or at least I thought I did...until September came again. Then I start thinking about you again and I can't stop...before you came I planned on forgetting tonight because I didn't want to think about you like I have been..."
I tried to understand what he was saying but I thought he said he missed me or he didn't, I had to know. "Do you miss me like I miss you?"
He stood there and looked at me, thinking about what I said. I wanted him to say yes but a part of me felt like he was going to say no. Why would he miss me? He has everything he could dream of and more and I'm just the girl who broke up with him because I had to move away. He didn't move or talk and it scared me more. Did he have an answer or did he not want to speak to me anymore? I feel like I can't wait anymore for an answer and need to say something quick before I feel more nervous than I am. 
Hello September. Let him say the words I want to hear. Let him want me back in his life just as bad as I want him in my life. Don't let me go through heartache again. Hello September. Hello.

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