(This is the last part and I finished this by the end of September!!! Thanks again to everyone who's read and commented on this story. It's been a fun one to write. Tags: @scary66 @pastelandplains @rider4ever @missdesigndiva @eleanorjcalderxx @inna123)

Shira's POV

One year later

Hello September. It's been another year and now you've returned. I thought that with the way we started out last year that I would have him on my mind all the time without him but you had a way to bring us back to each other. I thought we would never work it out but we have. I moved to England with my sister in January and started classes at the university. I thought it would take time to get use to the changes and I would miss my friends and family that were in California, but I didn't. And it was all because of Niall. We started where we left off and things are better than ever. 
I sit in the sun on the beach in California relaxing after a long plane ride from England to visit my family on my birthday but it didn't seem long enough because I was alone with Niall and moments alone with him I wish we could have forever. I feel that something is blocking my sun and I open my eyes to see Niall standing above me. I smile up at him as he asks, "Are you going to go surfing with me like you promised?"
I sit up as he sits next to me, "You know I told you I'm not good at surfing!"
"But have you went surfing with me?" he gave me this pleading look that I couldn't refuse. 
"No, but maybe I'll be better if I'm with you." 
"All things are better with me." The way he said that with the look he gave me made me laugh.
"I agree with that." He grinned and leaned into kiss me. 
I kissed him back happily and wasn't focusing on anything around us and then heard someone say my name. Niall pulled away and I looked to see my friend Soph with her boyfriend Billy. "Shira! I haven't seen you in forever..." she looked over at Niall and smiled, "and I think I know the reason why. He's the guy, isn't he?" I nodded and she smiled bigger, "That's why you never said his name because you knew I would act like this!"
I laughed and she started to too. Niall and Billy looked at us like they didn't know what we were laughing about. "Sorry, it's just that Soph always said that if I could date anyone famous, it should be Niall because he was Irish like me but she didn't know that I use to date you...by the way Niall, this is Soph, my best friend here in California and her boyfriend, Billy."
Niall said hello to both of them and then looked at Billy's surfboard. "You a surfer?" he asked him.
"Do I surf? Do birds fly? Of course I surf!" Billy answered, holding his surfboard as tightly as he held onto Soph.
"Did you two want to surf with me and Shira?" 
Soph looked at me and said, "You surf?! I only seen you surf one time and you said you'd never surf again."
I shrugged my shoulders. "I'm going to try again and I'll be better this time because I'll have a better teacher." I looked over at Niall and smiled, smiling back at me his grin that I loved.
"Then let's surf if we're going to surf!" Billy ran off with Soph toward the water.
I was about to get up to go with them but then I felt Niall's hand on mine. "Let's wait..."
I say that smirk and knew he was up to something. I asked, "Why?"
"Because we didn't finish what we started..." and before I could answer him back, his lips were back on mine, holding me in his arms and I wrapped my arms around him smiling.
Hello September. I now love when you come around because you gave me back the one I love, my Niall and September will always be our month. Thank you for the good that makes me happy and the bad that made me stronger. Hello September. Hello.

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