So, I had a birthday this year, have not counted one since I was 30, so, I guess that makes me 31 now, teeeheee.
Anyway, although I do not celebrate birthdays, I will say, I will remember this one, always.
This set is dedicated to all of my friends and followers, I give you my heart.
The lady holding to mask, represents me ( I could not find a blonde, they were too sexy, teheee ) represents me saying I am that lady you see in my avatar, but more than that...that avatar is the public me, my Polyvore friends know the real me , no mask.
Each and everyone one of you are very special to me...some of you, and you know who you are, are so real to me, and me to you, we need not shake hands in real life or see each other face to face, to know, we are real friends.
I also want to thank those that created sets for my birthday, they made me laugh, saw wowowowowow and ahhhhhh.
I f I have missed any sets, please let me know, I want ot enjoy them, and add them to the collections for all to enjoy too.
The sets I have seen are a collection here and on Pinterest for all to enjoy...not for my birthday, but for the beauty of the sets you created.
Love you all, thank you so much...big love and kisses too :-)
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