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what: bellamy’s birthday
when: august fifth
place: her house
attire: old hollywood
other: start the month off right with a huge birthday bash for the former nick star. though after what we’ve been hearing about her, it might be wise to expect something a little crazy.

COLLAB WITH @roses-are-roses :)

I glanced past Jess in the passenger seat toward the front of Bellamy’s house, which was all decorated for the party. Jess eyed my outfit once again, and once again I rolled my eyes.

“I don’t do ‘old Hollywood.’ You think it’s my dream to be a freaking flapper?” I opened my car door, walking around to meet Jess on the sidewalk. “You look cute, but I’m not into that stuff.”

“You’re gonna stick out. Everyone always dresses up,” she pointed out.

“I always stick out,” I told her with a bright smile and she shook her head like only a best friend could and led us inside, right into Bellamy’s shining face. We set our gifts down and gave our hugs, Jess already craning her neck to see who all had already shown up.

“Happy birthday sweetie,” I said, only injecting a few pinches of fakeness into my voice. Bellamy wasn’t my favorite person in the world, but we got along well enough. At least she wasn’t some outright sl-t like Charlotte. At least Bellamy kept it somewhat on the DL. Well, sometimes.

“Thanks Cat. Did your Daddy buy my present or did you?” She smirked. Then she glanced over my outfit, her nose crinkling. “Why didn’t you dress up? Are you too cool for that?”

“Whoa, too many questions,” I said, shaking my head. “I’ll see you around later.”

“Right, we need to do shots. I hear you do them better than anyone,” she called with a smile. I flashed her a grin as I snaked away from her, pulling Jess along with me. We surveyed the room, spotting Millie and Ella over by the patio. Jess went for them and I followed closely for a few seconds and then disappeared into the hallway, away from everyone. I felt my way to the bathroom and slipped in, finding him already in there, waiting for me.

“Compromising position, huh?” He snickered as my body pressed against his in the small space. I rolled my eyes, watching him in the flickering light of a single candle. 

“Just give me the stuff,” I whispered, as if anyone was outside and could hear me. 

“What about your little boyfriend Carter?” He asked, breath twisting into my nose. It smelled like beer and a few other things. 

“He’s not here.” I sighed loudly. “Now just give me them, d-mmit.”

He laughed softly. “You got what I want?”

I opened my bag and handed him an envelope, which didn’t hold money. But weirdly enough he didn’t want money. He wanted something else. Something of my mom’s. What a freaking creep. 

“Have a nice trip, Catty,” he said in a devilish whisper, sliding past me out the door. I watched the door close and opened up the bag, my eyes widening at what he had given me. He’d given me extra. And here I thought he wasn’t even going to show up. He’d told me last week this party was too “public”. What the h-ll did he know? If he knew anything about me, it was that publicity didn’t faze me. Not that this would make it in the news anyway. I wasn’t that stupid.

I swallowed one of the pills, walking back to the crowd exactly five minutes after he had. Millie, Jess, and Ella were probably out on the patio now and I didn’t want any fresh air. I found Lucy hanging around by the kitchen, and I lifted myself onto the countertop, next to her tall frame as she put her elbows next to where I sat. 

“Hey Luce,” I said, smiling. “What trouble are you getting into now?”

She shot me a look, but it didn’t last long before she broke into a faint smirk. “Hey Cat.”

“This party is a drag.” I looked around us, finding only bottles and bottles of beer and wine, nothing too special. “Hey, maybe I should go find us some punch?” I laughed, and she rolled her eyes. Lucy liked my punch a little too much. Poor baby didn’t know the dangers of spiking. She lived such a sheltered Hollywood life.

“So what did you get Bellamy?” Lucy asked, grabbing for her boring bottle of water. “I hope she likes what I got her.”

“Ah people love you, Luce. She’ll like whatever you got her,” I assured her, shrugging. “I got her some dress I got custom-made for the Oscars last year but I ended up wearing something else. Eh, we look like the same size. It might be a little tight. She can sell it on eBay I guess.”

“Cat!” Lucy pursed her lips disapprovingly. 

“Whatever, she’s lucky she got a present at all.” I took a deep breath. “Look, I need to find Rachel. Have you seen her?”

Lucy shook her head. “Nope. I didn’t think she was coming?”

I blinked a few times. Rachel had to be here. She was the only one I trusted knowing what was going through my system and to bring me home. Jess, Millie, and Ella sure knew, but they didn’t know about what I had just taken. Only Rachel knew about the LSD. 

“See you later,” I told Lucy, wandering away from the kitchen and searching for the drinks. I felt around in my purse, dialing Rachel’s number.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

About forty-five minutes later I couldn’t feel my tongue. I felt my head rolling around on my shoulders like it was barely attached, and all the bodies in front of me meshed together like a kaleidoscope. I smiled widely at whomever was in front of me, stumbling my way to the floor. I felt my way, crawling, to the bathroom, and the lights and faces danced around me like a pretty Vegas show.

The bathroom door was closed, but I kept bumping into it, or at least trying to, until it opened and someone looked down at me. 


“Rach! Oh my God where have you beeennnnnn,” I burbled. “Come hereeee.”

I squinted, but she was only blurrier and then she had two heads. 

“Ahhh God what the h-ll…”

“Cat, come on, stand up,” she said. Her voice sounded weird but I felt her arms around me and she was dragging me backwards into the bathroom. She closed the door and flipped on the light. It was much too bright, and I closed my eyes, falling into her.

“You’re a freaking mess,” she said. 

“It wasn’t… this bad…. Last time?” I opened my eyes slightly, and Rachel’s hair was black. Rachel didn’t have black hair. What the h-ll?


“The LSD god-mmit…” I rubbed my forehead, and a red light blinked at me. I reached out for it, but it moved away and my head hurt. “Rach? I need…”

“I’m not Rachel,” she said in a weird voice. “And if you don’t want this video getting out, you’re gonna do something for me.”

What… what was she talking about? Not Rachel? Who the h-ll was screwing with me? Video? Was she serious with that crap? No. No, she couldn’t do that.

“W-Who are you…” I stuttered.

She said something, but then my head hit the tile and I didn’t remember anything.

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