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So as the title of the song says, I need help!!! T_T
I'm supposed to do some moodboards for one of my exams (that's just one of the "little" things i have to do to finally be free... hahah) so I just realized that I have a free theme and I'm supposed to include something that inspires me and ok, I've already used your sets from last time in other project and I also used all the things that inspire me for the rest of my works so as much as i avoided it, now I finally think It's time to use my "little" obsession better known as K-pop, but I'm so afraid of not being able to explain properly why it inspires me, my teachers would first say that I'm useless and then they would call k-pop a low-fashion style.... O_o if I don't please them with my answers...

so girls, please i need your help to explain Korean idol's style (and please don't mention 2ne1, they have great style of course but they mostly wear Jeremy Scott and whenever someone mentions him, my teachers start to freak out because they basically call his designs 'crap' xD and truthfully I don't like him either... >_<) so excluding 2ne1 how do you describe k-pop style, which trend do you like the most and 3 key word that describe fashion from your favorite group... hope I'm not being annoying asking these but I can't imagine myself asking that to my classmates... xD for various reasons, so since you're normal people I hope you can help me ^^
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