• Hemingway Red Brick
    Hemingway Red Brick
    Gritty wall finishes not often associated with interior wallpaper. This paper reinforces the current trend for wallpaper as a practical and functional option for home decorating whether looking for an urban or a rustic style.
  • Hemingway Deco Diamond
    Hemingway Deco Diamond
    Inspired by 1930s glamour, this art-deco pattern takes its cue from the decade's emerald onyx ornaments and enamel kitchenware.
  • Hemingway Desk
    Hemingway Desk
    Bamboo style desk hand carved in the oriental style. All drawers are of dovetail construction. The three drawers across the front make it an ideal writing desk. This family-run furniture company features pieces inspired from classic handcrafted antiques to 19th century-style pieces. The quality and the finishes are top of the line. Dimensions: 60"W x 30"D x 31"H.
  • Hemingway The Wall
    Hemingway The Wall
    The brick effect wallpaper has been given a relaxed, contemporary twist in a subtle dapple grey hue, making it easy to live with whilst still making a clear design statement. This design takes the faux brick wall design to a whole new level and the tones and highlight make it a very versatile design to go with most contemporary interiors.
  • Hemingway Carnival
    Hemingway Carnival
    Add a touch of mid-century, Palm Spring warmth to your walls with Carnival wallpaper from Hemingway Design, a contemporary graphic wallpaper design with a daring print of lozenge blocks in black, white and zesty orange.
  • Hemingway Wonky Boxes
    Hemingway Wonky Boxes
    This energetic wallpaper print in dove grey is both subtle with its understated colourings, yet striking with it's bold geometric design, making it a great backdrop to any interior design scheme where you want to make a statement but aren't the type of person who needs to shout from the rooftops.
  • Ernest Hemingway Courage Is Grace Quote Art Print
    Ernest Hemingway Courage Is Grace Quote Art Print
    Ernest Hemingway -- "Courage is grace under pressure." Wise words from one of one of the 20th Century's most iconic American writers take center stage in this inspiring piece of quote-worthy art. A great addition to home offices or any space where contemplation and erudition are celebrated. Custom made to order;
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