The cab pulled over, she payed the driver and rushed out of the car. It was dark outside and her head was filled with too many thoughts so she could noticed the shade that stood by the door.
I've been waiting for you, a voice replied. She got frightened.
Oh, it's you.
Why this disappointment in your voice, honey?, he replied. I have a bad feeling this marriage won't work., he continued ironically.
She didn't feel like smiling. She didn't blame him for what had happened, but she didn't want to see him anyways.
Are you okey?, he asked with a concern in his voice.
The lanterns from the pavement were throwing a light gleam on Caleb's face. His eyes were so soulful, she felt a sting in her heart. Somehow, his face and friendly smile made her feel at ease. A feeling she hadn't felt in what felt like ages.
Umm... Yeah..., she mumbled and smiled.
Could we get inside and discuss those..., he paused. Errr divorce papers...
From nowhere she felt an ache at those words... Divorce papers meant separation. And at that moment she felt the strangest the urge to get closer to him... The instant thought of being away from him ached in her heart. She couldn't understand why, when she kissed him the night before she was so unconscious she coudn't feel anything. Yet, he had a force dragging her towards him.
She opened the door, and they went through the hallway up the stairs and into her apartment. She went in first, and when he closed the door behind him, she turned towards him and walked up roughly. She banged him on the door and with his head between her hands she started kissing him. In the beginning she could feel he was hesitating, but seconds later he kissed her back, wrapping his hands around her. She let her fingers glid in his hair whilst his lips gave her the sweetest taste. She grabbed his shirt and dragged him towards her room whilst kissing him.
He closed the door with his foot and threw her on the bed. The tension was high, she wanted him badly. She was breathing heavily whilst ripping off his shirt. He unzipped her dress and she could feel his hand on her thigh.
She moaned heavily and at that sound Caleb started kissing her harder and tougher. He stopped and looked in her eyes, they were both breathing gasping for air.
Weren't you with some other guy that other night?, he asked.
Robert was the last one she wanted to think about, so she just ran her hands on his back and kissed him once more, pressing his lips harder into hers.
Their clothes were all taken off, they were left in only underwear. She positioned herself on top of him. He undid her bra and started running his hands on her naked back. She leaned over him and started kissing him, then moving down towards the neck and his chest. He was breathing heavily in an attitude of excitement.
For the first time in weeks, she didn't think of Robert.

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