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what: kids vs. cancer gala
place: chateau marmont, 7pm
attire: black tie
other: suit up for a good cause – the kids vs. cancer fund is holding its annual fundraising gala. alcohol, gowns, gorgeous men. what more could you ask for? and yes, the paparazzi will be out in full force, so be on your best behaviour.

It had been almost a week since I had a chance to talk to Aaron about what his comment at The Watch premiere had meant. He didn’t know why it ended? I smile to myself just thinking about that. The three years I dated Aaron were the best times of my life. We were perfect for each other until we weren’t. The late nights, the bad media exposure, the occasional fighting, none of it mattered because we were in love and at the time, nothing seemed more important than that. 

And then we broke up. I suppose it was sudden and out of the blue but at the same time, it was mutual. Etta had really no idea what had happened aside from Aaron not coming around anymore. I wasn’t upset – I was numb. I had never been in a relationship for such a long period of time and it seemed like I didn’t know what to do with myself without Aaron in my life. But we got over it. A friendship took the place of a relationship and we recovered – or at least I thought we had until last week.

“Your donation, Miss Beauchamp, was so generous,” The founder of the event says to me, shaking my hand. I thank him for the invitation and head for the bar, running into Tyson. “Here alone? Where’s Wilty?” He asks, a smirk forming on his perfect Britishly accented voice. It made his semi-Boston accent he had on Restless seem like it wasn’t sexy at all. “Who knows?” I ask, accepting a flute of champagne from Tyson as we walk towards the outskirts of the dancefloor where many couples were dancing and the constant flashing of photographs was nearly lighting up the Marmont.

“Saw Lou the other day,” Tyson says casually as we finish our champagne and he takes my hand, leading me out to the floor with the other dancing couples. I freeze. “Smug bastard had the biggest smirk on his face. I was ready to wipe it off with my fist,” He adds and I laugh, secretly thanking myself for having such a supportive cast and best friend. They had stood by me since the announcement of the book’s release. I wouldn’t be anywhere without them.

“They can’t have that much shit on you, Cam,” He says reassuringly and I stare at him. “They know a lot more than we both think,” I respond quietly, referring to that night almost eight years ago when I had invited Tyson over to my house a few months after we had started filming Restless. “They don’t know about that, Cam,” He whispers into my ear and I shrug my shoulders as he dips me. Click. Photo taken. Headliners reading that the two co-stars were back on tomorrow. The next blind item. Us.

“Mind if I cut in?” A gruff weirdly accented voice says from behind us, immediately recognizing it as Aaron’s. “All yours,” Tyson says, giving me a knowing look before walking into the crowd as the camera clicks once again as Aaron’s hand finds his way to my waist.

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