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Today I went to get my uniform fitted. I'm not going to describe my uniform, since that would give away what school I'm going to ;) Everything was so frumpy on me! Ew, the skirts were sooo long. I'm sort of short/petite *le sigh*, so they covered my knees. I'm going to roll up my skirt so I will avoid looking frumpy. Then, I have to hem my pants because my legs are short ;-; I couldn't even fit into a kid's large. Apparently I fit into clothes made for 12 year olds >__< 
Came back home, ordered some books... blahblahblahblah.
Tmrw I'm going to the mall by myself (loner... now time to reference to CN Blue's loner m/v No but seriously my friends are busy this week - -Normally I despise going to that mall (a chain mall of ''cliche'', as I call it), but I'm too lazy to go to Harvard Square or Boston or something to buy my clothes/gifts. I need to buy nerdy Buddy-Holly glasses and a gift for my friend. But at Harvard Square there were these really cute/colorful tribal bracelets for only $3 each from this outdoor vendor person. I believe it looked like this; Next time I'm going to buy them, LOL. I also need to buy a new watch, preferably G-shock or Casio in a cute, bold color.
Trying to look for ways to circumvent my frumpy uniform D: You can't dye your hair or wear hair accessories other than black...
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