Sorry if its kinda crappy I wrote it on the spot but anyway here it is

It was about time her daughter Torie begged to be the flower girl so now with her cowgirl hat, pink tutu, and her pink cowgirl boots on she looked like an angel sent down from Heaven God knew how much He had blessed her when torie was born her little chubby hands were throwing out little round petals from her little basket which of course was pink torie and tyler her soon to be son wanted to pick the wedding colors so of course it was pink and brown she smiled thinking about the future she was so lost in her own thoughts that she didn't even hear her Uncle Kent say her name
What did you say 
Its time Rori 
Ok she let out a shaky breath 
Are you sure your ready we can tell them to wait a little bit
No i'm fine i'm just so happy right now I feel like the luckiest woman in the whole Wyoming teritory I feel so blessed that God sent Austin and Tyler in my life I know there's more in store for us as a family and I can't wait 
Well it looks like you wont have to wait much longer Miss Jane is starting the wedding march 
As she looped her arms in his they started down the aisle she smiled at everyone and then her eyes met Austins and she started to tingle all over like the time he kissed her in the barn and they just about cought the barn on fire good thing the hay was wet she chuckled 
What are you laughing about uncle Kent looked down at her with a smile on his face
Nothing she hoped he would buy it but something in his eyes said he didn't but he let it pass
She steped upon the platform and then turned around to kiss her uncle on the cheek Austin took her hands into his own and then preacher Kurt begin with the vows everything else was a blur all she could see was Austin and there future together and she saw forever the preacher finely said you may kiss the bride Austin lifted her veil and he slide his arms around her and she put her arms around his neck and he kissed her long and deep till she felt like she might pass out and then the preacher said you might better wait until the honeymoon to kiss her like that he chuckled 
Austins face turned red but Rori just laughed 
He swooped her up into his arms and she let a shrill of delight I love you Austin O'Neil 
I love you to Miss O'Neil 
She smiled up at him I could get use to that she thought she knew she could not have picked a better ending then the one God had planned for her but there was more for her she just knew it
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