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This was requested by @mrs-harryedwardstyles ♥

I wasn't to sure what to do for Nicki Minaj, I was thinking get the look but...

Okay, onto the tip!


Nicki Minaj normally wears bright clothes. Pinks, yellows, greens and blues are colours that you can trust for brights.
Don't wear too many brights as this can clash. Stand-out colours sometimes look nice in zebra print, or other patterns. 
Find some at;


As I said before, patterns can look really nice with bright colours - Nicki really digs this style. Try zig zags, scarf print, animal prints, and swirls to get her style. Don't wear loads at once though; one item or two max(:
Try to keep patterns on things like dresses, tops, and jeans.


& HAIR &
As you probably all know, Nicki Minaj wears W I G S of all colours, like pink, blue, purple, orange, and even blondes, and a lot more(:
They also are styled differently, some times straight; http://www.polyvore.com/nicki_minaj_launches_pink_friday/thing?id=70552650 and sometimes curly; http://www.polyvore.com/nicki_minaj_tumblr/thing?id=51236865 . She also wears it big, up, down in many different ways. 
Check some out here:


Nicki's makeup is very OTT. She wears A L O T. 
I would try not to copy her beauty style to much lol. But still use some hints of her style in your make up if you want, such as bright eyeshadow, coloured lipstick and patterned eyelashes [maybe eek]! Nicki Minaj actually has a few of her own makeup items, as featured in the set :D
I made this collection of a few things;


I hope you like this tip, it took a while! :DD

Love, Rebecca
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