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Ana Harper; February 25

“Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you.” I sung as I opened the unlocked screen door of Olivia’s house and let myself in, “Happy birthday dear livvypoo, happy birthday to you.”

“You are not funny.” She appeared from behind the half wall the led into the back half of her house, brown furrowed in a judgemental frown.

“I’m not trying to be funny.” I shrugged innocently, “I am simply wishing you the happiest of birthday’s.”

“You’re mocking me.” She crossed her arms with a pout.

“I am not.” I dumped my bag on the couch and flung my arms around her shoulders, “I’m just so happy my little baby is 15 now.”

“I hate you.” She muttered trying to push my arms off. I was too strong for her however and managed to keep my grip.

Of course being the wonderful friend I am I took pity on her and let go, instead collapsing into the nearest armchair.

“What are you wearing?” Olivia demanded, as she came and stood over me hands on hips.

“Clothes?” I phrased it like a question because I actually had no idea where that had even come from.

“You’re not hideously overdressed.” She said, poking me in the leg,

I sniffed, “I’m am never dressed hideously.” I told her haughtily, my clothes were expensive, well made and pretty damn gorgeous.

She ignored me completely, no surprises there, and barrelled on with her questioning, “No seriously what are you wearing? And why are you wearing it?”

“Shorts and a tank top.” I said, answering the obvious one first with smugness, hello Olivia, meet the obvious, “and maybe I’m just trying something new.”

“No, no, no.” Liv shook her head insistently, “For you trying something new is mixing new colours, or trying a different style of dress, or if god forbid you wear shorts you dress the hell out of your top half.”

“Glad to see you’ve been paying so much attention to what I wear sweetie.” I said drolly. Yet again she simply ignored me,

“This is not trying something new, this is an alien taking over my best friend.” She poked my again, this time in the thigh, “So tell me what the hell you’re up to,” she punctuated this my leaping on me.

“Oww get off me you giant lump.” I pushed her until she was sort of half sitting on me half sitting on the chair, her legs draped over my lap, which was the best I was going to get.

“I’ll get off when you tell me what’s up.” She should really just stop with the poking already.

“Okay fine, fine.” I swatted her pesky hands away with a long-suffering sigh, “If you must know I made a bet with Matt.”

“You made a bet with Matt?” She said in total disbelief, hands falling limply into her lap.

“Yes ma’am.” I mock saluted her, “Though I’ve still got my heels see,” I wiggled my feet to prove my point.

“So hell hasn’t frozen over just yet,” she muttered before falling silent for a couple of minutes as if trying to find the words she was looking for, which was kind of odd. Really odd actually “What exactly would this bet be?” she finally managed to ask.

“If I came to your part in casual clothes he’d give me $75.” I shrugged carelessly, because really it was like taking candy from a baby, “I think he probably thought I didn’t own casual clothes.”

“Or maybe he just wanted an excuse to see your legs.” She said all secretively. Whatever, she was crazy I would let it slide this time because it was her birthday.

“1. Why would anyone want to see my legs,” I said, holding up one finger, then lifting another, “2. How on earth would he have known I would wear short?”

“It’s a well known fact you hate pants. Therefore showing your legs. Which you’re doing nicely in these itty bitty shorts.” She slapped my thigh again.

“Alright get off my crazy.” I forcefully pushed her off and she went sprawling over the floor, serves her right, “I don’t know what you’re talking about but I’m getting $75 buck out of this so I’m happy.”


“You owe me money.” I told Matt matter of factly as we all lay sprawled in a circle around Olivia’s fire pit. The sun had gone down and we’d all swum ourselves out so now we were relaxing, toasting marshmallows and drinking soft drinks and generally being unhealthy. Monday we had to go back to school (and I had 3 assignments. 3 bloody assignments!!!) but for now it was nice to relax.

“I’m sorry what?” He blinked at me owlishly and I had to roll my eyes, that boy was slow sometimes.

“I am not, how was it you put it Olivia?” I turned my head towards where she was curled up like a cat.

“Horribly overdressed.” She supplied helpfully, not even removing her eyes from the fire she was starting into. That had to be a bit trippy.

“Yea that,” I nodded, gesturing at my clothes. Well gesturing at them as much as I could, wrapped under Ben’s arm. I was just really cold, and he was really warm ok?

“And I owe you money.” 

“Yep.” I nodded, contentedly. Silly Matt had completely forgotten. I’d get it off him tomorrow.

“This sounds kinda kinky.” Sophia spoke up from where she was laying, head in Willow’s lap and feet in Christian’s. Even at Olivia’s party she was still the undisputed queen bee.

“Shut up. Ben make her shut up.” I whined, burrowing my head in his shoulder and hiding from the world.

There was lots of laughing then. Laughing at me was not fun. Laughing at Willow or Sophia was fun. Or Matt or Ben.

“Hey,” I said removing my head from Ben’s shoulder and sitting up straighter, idea suddenly hitting me, “Do you know if Ben and Matt got together there shipping name would be Batt Man.”

There was a stunned silence before everyone broke out laughing again, even Ben. Well no, everyone except Matt who just sat there kind of spluttering.

“It does make sense.” Joel pointed out, gesturing half heartedly with the arm that was wrapped around Keira’s waist, “Ben is clearly gay.”

“Homosexual.” I supplied helpfully though Ben just nodded and Joel continued on despite me. (how rude)

“and Matt’s always going out for Brunch. Which is a fruity meal.” Laughter again. Which was nice, not directed at me.

“I’m not, what, brunch is not a gay meal.” Matt finally managed to articulate himself.

I sighed to myself in satisfaction, settling back into Ben’s side. People were laughing, and not at me, which meant my job was done. Though both Willow and Olivia were sending me those weird looks. Whatever I was to tired for this shit, I’d sort it out later.

There was always more time to figure it out.

More Ana :) @ingrid @chrissykinz @luxecouture @sarahstardom and @vicks [who I tag in my stories but then she doesn't even COMMENT D:] :P
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Wrote 4 years ago
@martasmiling oh thank you so much then :) Also your english skills are quite good. Trust me :)

Wrote 4 years ago
well why not? :) I need to read some stories to improve my english skills (that actually sucks) and you write so well, so why not?

Wrote 4 years ago
@martasmiling well thank you though like I said it doesn't compare to yours.
And I'm glad you enjoyed the story. If you don't mind me asking do you want tagged in Ana stories as well (i won't be offended if you say no! I'll actually be surprised if you say yes honestly xD)

Wrote 4 years ago
BATT MAN! Loool! Grwat story as always and the layout is perfect, it's always gratifying inspiring someone so thank you :)



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