Here Comes the Weekend // P!nk

Holly Alexander; October 27
Collab with @kkerry

"Are you sure it's okay that i invited Benny to come with us?” Evie asked, for like the millionth time, fidgeting in front of her bedroom mirror.

"For the last time yes." I sighed, flicking through the latest Vogue magazine for like the 10th time this week. Evie took forever to get ready and like this is coming from me. "No one i going to make a big fuss about him coming." I reassured her, least of all me. Her brother was a charmer.

"You know how he can be though." She said, finally apparently deciding her outfit was fine and sliding shoes on "He can be very," she trailed off.

“Cute.” I filled in for her, looking up with a cheeky grin hoping for a reaction but it was also totally true, ”Or charming also comes to mind." 

She pursed her lips, "You do realize i don't want to hear those things about my brother, right?" She said which was totally the point but also girl should get used to accepting the truth.

“I’m just saying.” I shrugged, trying to fight off a grin, “I’m also curious as to how he got all the good genes.” I said in a faux considering voice, returning my attention to the magazine.

Unfortunately that meant I couldn’t see her reaction to the statement. But whatever this had more effect, “even that,” She eventually settled on saying, “Is more about my brother than I ever want to hear.”

“You’re so weird about this,” I rolled my eyes, closing the magazine for good, like I couldn’t really concentrate on it atm anyway.

“That’s because it is weird.” She argued, “How would you feel if I started talking about how attractive your brother is.”

“Cute doesn’t necessarily mean attractive,” I singsonged with a grin, “Though in Benny’s case it does. Besides,” I added before she spoke again, “Objectively speaking I can say Hunter is attractive yes.”

“This conversation is so weird.” She muttered though probably like hiding a smile or something, “Can we drop it.”

“Only if you agree to help me dye my hair again next week.” I said consideringly, twisting a strand around my finger, “I’m bored of blonde.”

“Again?” She asked, clearly amused this time, “But I suppose I can do that.”

“Yay,” I clapped my hands, “Now returning to the important subject do we need to escort the cutie that is your brother or are we meeting him there?” I asked totally curious. It was totally a valid question though. 

“We’re meeting him there," she answered, which not going to lie was a little bit disappointing "And we should actually get going." She said, though making no move to leave instead checking herself out yet again.

"Well stop checking yourself out and let's go." I huffed, having to physically push her out of the room "I don't want to keep your lovely brother waiting." I grinned cheekily.

"Oh no, never that." She said dryly. Maybe she needed a glass of water. Gosh I’m funny.

"More walking, less talking." I said, continuing to push her until we were actually outside “You should be happy that i find your brother so attractive," I paused with a grin, waiting for the question I knew was coming. Hopefully with that horrified expression she had perfected.

“Why’s that?" She predictably asked.

 "Cause i could possibly become your sister in law and believe me you could do way worse than me in that department." I told her with a wink. Which caused her to burst into hysterical laughter. And pull this weird face but to preserve her dignity I won’t go into that.

"You're too funny." She finally managed to say.

"Just keep walking I'd actually like to get to the park before i turn thirty." I rolled my eyes, tempted to push her again but that’d be petty or something. I’m sure.

Evie just kind of hummed in response. Which was totally fine I could play at that game. And did, regaling her with tales of why exactly it was her brother was so attractive and the hypothetical course any relationship between us could take. Not going to lie it was like super amusing the way she looked torn between killing me and dying of embarrassment.

“You know.” I said consideringly as we wandered past the DNA tower thing I remember climbing with Hunter when I was little, “who planned this picnic? Because it seems badly planned I mean Kings Park is the biggest urban park in the world right,”

“Really?” Evie interrupted, which so wasn’t the point.

“Yeah, it’s like bigger than Central park but that’s so not the point.” I stomped my foot as best I could whilst we were walking, “The point is it’s huge so how are we meant to know where to meet everyone?”

“The Picnic Area.” She stated matter of factly with an eye-roll for good measure. Except not fair there were like two picnic areas or more, which she clearly realised because she added, “The one near Mounts Bay Road.

“Oh,” I said consideringly, and noticing now that’s exactly where we were headed, “Okay.” I shrugged, quiet for a while. At least until we could basically see the others. Which is when Evie pulled me off to the side.

“What?” I whined pulling away a little, “Everyone’s over there. I can see them. I want to go stare at your brother.” I pouted for extra special good measure.

“Thats what. Where exactly did this sudden obsession with my brother come from.” Over protective Evie? How cute.

“Please,” I flicked my hair over my shoulder, “It’s not an obsession,” I laughed, “I’m just appreciating attractiveness and charm. Basically a dateable boy I’m not bored of because I live with him. I mean I do have Logan.” Which was a total lie at least at this point in time and such.

"Okay." She nodded slowly, she didn’t believe me. I was sure. I didn’t really care though because hot brother remember? “I guess we can go over there now just as long as you promise not to fan girl around Benny." She joked

"Please," I scoffed, "I don't fan girl," I rolled my eyes. I was much more classy than that though I did obsess. Over celebrities that is, not real people. Benny was cute but he wasn’t no Ryan Gosling. I brushed passed Evie heading for the picnic area because apparently she was done now. I hoped

"You really know how to keep someone waiting Evie." I stood back as Benny pulled Evie into a hug "How many times did you change your outfit before leaving?" 

"It takes her forever to pick something to wear." I cut in with a laugh, because hello I was much more interesting to him than his sister. I hoped "I think she tried on four different outfits before finally deciding on that one." 

"It was three." She muttered. No one paid attention

"Hi Holly, it's nice to see you again." Benny smiled, turning his attention completely over to me which is where it should be really “You look beautiful as always." 

"Thanks." I smiled as brightly as I could, leaning forwards slightly. "You're not looking too bad yourself." 

Evie kinda groaned a bit from the background but I didn’t care. Her brother was much better company than she was anyway.
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