Emma's pov 
The last thing I remember about last night is cuddling up to Harry an going to sleep and now I wake up in the living and Harry is not here so I get up and walk to the front door and look out to see his car is gone. The other boys are missing to but there cars are here they probably had an interview to go to or something for the band I thought then I got a text from Harry telling me that him and the boys were at an interview. The girls woke up not long after I got the text I told them where the boys were and then went to the kitchen to make breakfast we ate and about thirty minutes I heard the front door open and saw Liam come in where's the rest of the boys I asked there going home girls if you need a ride there getting ready to go ok bye Eleanor and Perrie called out to me bye I replied then I went to get dressed as soon as I went upstairs I heard the front door open and I heard Harry and Liam talking I couldn't quite make out what they were saying but I guessed it was something about the band when I was finished getting ready I walked downstairs to the two boys sitting on the couch goofing off while watching tv. Hey Emma Liam said as I sat down on the couch next to Harry hey I replied Emma I'm sorry I gotta get ready to go but you can come to if you want I have to go pick up some groceries for my mom ok I'll go get some shoes on if its ok with you Liam I said go ahead he told me so I went upstairs grabbed my shoes and went out the door with Harry. 

Harry's pov
Hey Emma guess what what she asked I love you so much I told her aww I love you to Harry now what do we need to pick up? Mom needs food to cook for dinner tonight what should we get I asked her umm how about tacos? She asked of corse I responded she knew I loves tacos and so did she so we picked everything up and gladly got out before being recognized by any fans we put everything in the car and went back to my house to hang out. Then I had to go over to my moms house for dinner hey Emma yah she responded I just got an amazing idea which is what styles she said how about you join me and my family for dinner ok I will she said I just have to let Liam know that I will be a little later than planned getting home. He said it was fine with him. So me and Emma were off for dinner with my family and she wasn't nervous she had met everyone before and they all love her and she loves them we got there and mom had already got everything ready we ate and hung out with everyone then I took her home I could tell it was a little later than Liam wanted it to be but he was ok with it.

That was chapter 3 of my fanfic here for you hope you liked it let me know what you all think in the comments please :) <3
Chapter four to come <3
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