(This is for you @mumu333 lots of action and some romance ;) enjoy!)
(Okay, so someone has kidnapped the lads. and you and I are secret undercover agents that are going to save them. Make sense?) "Here we are."You said, driving into the huge buildings parking lot. "You ready to save those lads?"I asked you, grabbing me backpack. "As I'll ever be."You sighed, getting out of the van. -5 Minutes Later- "So how exactly are we going to get inside?"You asked, examining the building. "You hold out your hands with your fingers interlocked, I'll back up and start running and put my foot on your hands. Once I do that you push up, forcing me to fly into the air, do a flip and land on the roof. when I'm on the roof, I'll throw the rope down for you to climb up. Then after that, we will climb through the air duct until we find the laundry room. Once we find that, we will jump down into the room, you get changed and ta-da! we're in."I explained. "I was going to say use the front door, but your way works also."You laughed, getting into position. -10 Minutes Later- "Okay! to the air duct."You said as I put the rope back into my backpack. "Wait...the air duct shield thing is locked in place. How are we going to get in?"You asked, looking at the air duct. "Like this."I said, walking over to you. "Like wha-"You were interrupted by me kicking the shield thing in. "Oh...like that."You smiled as I got into the air duct. "Okay. Its clear come on."I yelled to you. You nodded and climbed in. -3 Minutes Of Crawling Through The Air Duct Later- "EWWW!!"You squealed. "What?!?"I paniced, looking back at you. "I got dust in my mouth."You whined. "Oh get over it."I said, rolling my eyes as we crawled. "Have you found the laundry room ye-AAAHH!!!"You didn't get to finish your question because you fell through a hole, landing in a basket filled with dirty clothes. "Oh look! you found the laundry room."I smirked, looking down at you through the hole. "Haha very funny."You said sarcastically, stumbling out of the basket. "Remind me to burn these clothes once this is all over."You said, picking dirty items of clothing off of yourself. "Okay, now get dressed."I said, throwing down your outfit (The one in the set). Then go and find the boys. But remember your that evil lads assistant."I reminded you. "Yeah yeah yeah. You better be close by. Remember the signal is when I knock three times."You reminded me, putting your outfit on. "Okay. be safe. I'll meet you outside when I have the lads."I said before I vanished into the air duct. 
--------------------With The Evil Person--------------------
"Okay Y/N you can do this."You encouraged yourself. "Hello?"You said in your cutest voice as you knocked on the Villains door. "May I help you?"The villain answered. He was a very handsome lad (Not any of the boys.). "Yes, I'm here because I got the job as your assistant."You answered with a smile. "Oh! right right. Please come in."He smiled, moving aside so you could walk into his office. "Thank you."You giggled, walking into the room. "Now, what would you like me to do first Sir?"You asked the man with a bat of your eyelashes. "First, I would like you to set your hand bag down. Then, we can talk about what I would like you to do."He grinned evilly. "Yes Sir."You obeyed, setting your hand bag down. But what he didn't know is that you had a small camera on the bag, your "wedding ring" and a mic in each of your earrings so I could see and hear everything you can. "Good. Now, I would like you to go check on my how you say prisoners."He smirked. "Okay sir. Would you like me to do anything else? like threaten them? scare them? hurt them?"You asked him as he sat down behind his desk. "Yes do all those things. Their in the last room, third door on the right. Lock the doors when you go in and out of there."He said, closing his eyes. "I trust that you will do as I say. The company that recommended you said you were very trust worthy."He said, putting his feet up on his desk. "Yes Sir I am."You smiled. "Good. Now go. If you need me, I'll be here resting. But other than that, you should be fine. Guards will be outside the door also."He said, shooing you off. You nodded and walked out, closing the door behind you. "You'll be resting for quite awhile then."You smirked, picking the lock so no one can get in, and he can't get out. "Cece? Cece can you hear me?"You whispered so only I could hear you. "Yeah I can hear you."I answered. "That guy is so pathetic."You giggled softly. "I know right!"I smiled. "Okay, so I'm going to the lads, but I'm supposed to scare and hurt them."You said to me as you walked. "Yeah I know."I said, you could tell I was rolling my eyes. "I don't want to hurt them though! and the guards will be there."You explained. "Just outside though."I said, trying to calm you down. "Yeah he said they would be outside, but I'm sure there are some inside also."You said quietly, fixing your hair as a guard walked by. "Did you lock that guy in?"I asked you. "Yeah."You answered simply. "Then, he'll wake up soon. and when he does he'll freak out, sound the alarm, and you and all the guards will go rushing to him. and while that happens, I'll drop down, grab the boys and run."I explained to you as you rounded the corner. "Okay. Well, I'm at the door now. Wait for your cue."You whispered as you walked up to the door. "I'm the assistant. I was told to scare the boys."You explained to the guards that stood outside the door. They nodded and moved aside so you could enter.
---------Inside the room with the lads----
"Hello lads."You smirked at them, terror flooded their eyes. ""Scared are we?"You laughed evilly. Guards were inside, watching your every move. "Well you should be."You smirked at them. "Your not getting out of here. No one even cares that your missing."You said, walking up to them. "Thats not true."Harry stuttered, his face bruised and tear stained and covered with swat. Just like the other lads. "Oh but it is pretty boy."You smirked, kneeling before him. "No one has even noticed your not there."You said, standing up. "Why are we here anyway?"Niall asked, the fear showing on his face. "Oh you'll find out soon enough Blondie."You answered. "You can tell your boos that he's a scared jerk. I'm mean if he wasn't scared, he wouldn't have sent a small, pathetic average girl to 'scare' us."Louis said, courage and bruises covering his face. "Oh you shouldn't have said that babe."You smirked before you slapped him, leaving a huge red hand print on the side of his face. "That didn't hurt."Louis said, a tear falling down his cheek. "Mmm okay..."You nodded, walking over to harry. "So pretty boy."You smirked at harry. "Your friend over there is rather proud of himself huh?"You asked, motioning towards Louis. "Well, I know how to bring the proundness down."You smirked, jabbing your knee into Harry's stomach and garbing him by his collar. "Look, I rather not hurt you boys. But if you want to mess wit me, then so be it."You said, jabbing your knee into Harry's stomach again. The guards laughing echoed the room. You pulled Harry closer yto your face, still holding him by the collar. "Look, I'm the good guy okay? My friend and I are here to rescue you. She'll be here as soon as the sirens go off. Do everything she says, and you and your friends wll be okay. Do you understand?"You whispered to him. Uncertainty filled his eyes. "Look, do you want to get out of here?"You asked him, looking back at the guards to find them still laughing. Harry nodded slowly. "Then you have to trust me."You said with a soft smile. "O-okay."He said, tears brimming his eyes. "Hey, I promise it'll be okay. We'll get you out of here."You said, whipping a tear that fell down his cheek. Before anything else could be said or done, the sirens wen toff. "The master in in trouble!"The guards yelled, running towards the door. "I'll see you when this is all over Trust my friend. Her name is Cece. I'll see you soon I promise."You yelled over the sirens before you placed a kiss on his cheek and ran out of the room, following the guards. 

Harry's POV:
"What just happened?"Louis asked once that girl had left. "W're getting out of here lads."I said, a small smile on my face. "How?"Liam asked. Befoe I could answer, there was a loud sound, and the shield for the air duct fell down in front of us. "What the heck?"Niall said confused. Before anyone else could react, a beautiful girl dressed in black, a black beanie, and black gloves jumped down from the air duct, and landed in front of all of us. "Ello lads."The girl said with a smile. "W-who are you?"Louis asked, star struck from her beauty. "I'm Cece. I'm here to rescue you lads."He said with a smile as she pulled out a knife. "Please don't hurt us!"Liam pleaded. "Wha? Oh..My knife?"She asked, looking at the small pocket knife. "I'm going to cut you guys lose, then we are going to get the bloody hell out of here."She explained, calming us all down. -4 Minutes later- "Okay lads. Lets get out of here."Cece said, running towards the door. "Wait!"I said, causing everyone to freeze. "What about that girl?"I asked. "What girl?"Cece asked, confused to what I just said. "The girl who was in here. She said you and her were friends."I explained. "Oh Y/N? She'll meet us outside, but we have to hurry."Cece said, running out the door, leaving all of s to follow her. 
Your POV"
"Master are you alright?"A guard yelled to the man through the door. "No!"The man yelled in a panic. "We'll get you out!"Another guard yelled. Seeing them all in a panic was hilarious. Soon, before any of them could do anything else the intruder alarm went of. That was your cue to get out of there. ""There is an intruder!"A guard yelled. "Miss, we're going to need you to leave."A guard said to you. "Yeah, we don't want you getting hrut."Another one said. You nodded and ran out of the building. "Where are you?"You yelled. "Over here!"You heard me yell. You ran over, and saw that the boys were in the van already. "Ello lads."You smiled, getting into the van. "Hey."The all said, a little shook up. "Uh-oh."I said. "What now?"You asked. "We've been spotted."I yelled, hitting the gas pedal, causing us to fastly get out of the parking lot. -5 minutes of driving later- "Are they still behind us?"I yelled. "Yes!"You yelled back when you saw them. "Open the back door and start throwing stuff."I commanded. "Okay."You all yelled. You went to open the back doors, and as you did the force of them opening caused you to fly with them. "AAHH!!!!!"You screamed, hanging onto the handle as we drove. "Y?N!!"I screamed, looking into the rear-view mirror. "I got you!!"Harry yelled, reaching out to you. "Take my hand!"Harry pleaded. You reached for his hand, your fingers slipping as you did. "I can't hold on much longer!"You panicked. "Just a little further!"Harry yelled to you, reaching further out to you as you started to slip. "Got you!"Harry yelled victoriously. "Harry!!!"You screamed as we headed towards a narrow alley. He yanked you in just in time as the door got ripped off as we entered the narrow alley. "You saved me."You smiled up at him. You had landed on his chest once he pulled you in. "Its the least I could do. I mean, you saved all of us."Harry grinned. "I helped."I said. You just rolled your eyes at my comment. "Thank you."You smiled at him. "No problem love."She smiled back. And in that moment, he was your prince charming. . You don't know what came over you, but you kissed him. and it was the worlds greatest kiss. And from then on, you and Harry have been together. Happily in love, and sharing your story of finding true love with anyone who would listen. 

(I hope you liked it @mumu333 I worked hard on it :) so yeah. :) )
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