I had a bad case of writers block with story so it is short and awful =/ And I meant to publish it two days ago to top it off. 

Daisy Thames;;
date: August 31, 2012
hair: half up, half down 
makeup: none 
wearing: a deathly hallows t-shirt, jean shorts, brown ankle boots, and a satchel 
where: a cafe 
with: Anya and Lyla 

“Stop fidgeting,” I told Lyla. 

“I’m not.” She hadn’t stopped moving since we sat down for lunch. We were waiting for Anya to arrive. 

“It isn’t like this is a big deal. You seemed happy to do it last week,” I said. 

“I am. This just feels so formal.” She started biting her finger nails, something she never does. It was cute how nervous she was. I didn’t understand it really. Maybe because Anya was more like a sister to me than my actually sisters. 

“It is lunch,” I said in a half joking voice. “Plus if this makes you nervous just imagine if I brought you to one of my Sunday dinners.” Her eyes got really wide. She had heard stories from me. Besides of the obvious of me being in the closet with my family, I don’t think I would ever subject anyone I dated to that. I’ve seen my cousins bring guys and then they would never return again. Of course some manage to make it. 

“Look, there she is now.” Anya walked in looking for us. I waved my hand around to get her attention. She smiled and came over. 

“Hey,” she said as she sat down. Lyla and I both said hi back. 

“Lyla this is Anya. Anya, Lyla,” I introduced them. Before either could say anything, the waitress came to take our orders. After that, there was silence. My brain was panicking a little bit. It had never even crossed my mind that they might not like each other. 

“So Lyla,” Anya said finally breaking the silence. The way she said it worried me further. “I’m going to be upfront with you about it. If you hurt my best friend, my dad taught me how to use a shotgun so watch out.” My jaw hung open. I wanted to freak out but I froze. “Also I need you to explain your intentions with Daisy here. I plan to keep her pure and sweet. Someone needs to look out for her and that would be me. So c’mon, tell me your plans.” 

I dropped my head down on the table with a loud clunk. My face was bright red so I chose not to look at either of them. I was being a coward and leaving poor Lyla to fend for herself. Suddenly I heard laughing. First it was Lyla, then followed by Anya. I looked up. I think they were laughing at me or the situation. I focused in on Anya and realized by the expression on her face that she was joking, something apparently Lyla had clued in on. 

“That was a joke right?” I asked just, to double check. Anya just looked at me like I was stupid while Lyla laughed. I hang around some pleasant people. 

After the ice was broke, the conversation flowed smoothly after that, much to my relief.
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