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NAME: Alice Lauren Winters 
AGE: 17 
CLIQUE: Burnouts 
SOCIAL STATUS: Thinner Than You (but not better) 
RELATIONSHIP STATUS: In a relationship with Matthew 
STYLE: Whimsical. Likes to dress like old movies sometimes. Thrift stores, big hats, tights, clunky shoes, little pins. Florals, pink, and blue. 
LIKES: Skinny, the scale, lies, Matthew, makeup, mints, plastic wrappers, music, parties, hats, playing dress-up, old movies, her quirky style, thrift shopping, fake gems, pink, sunshine, animals, talking, silence. 
DISLIKES: Fat, the scale, truth, herself, being afraid, weighing in, eating, people who know, people who try to understand, doctors, being judged, people intervening, bright red, black, dark nail polish, losing her iPod, getting grounded, losing her allowance, her parents. 
THEME SONG: Alice by Lisa Mitchell 
COLLECTION: (Link here.) 
BACKGROUND: Alice grew up in a suburban home with two parents who fought a fair amount and an older brother who snuck out at night and played hockey. Her brother's older and has gone onto college now, leaving a miserable Alice alone with her family. They started pressuring her to do better and better, and two years ago, sweet Alice finally cracked. She started becoming more independent and distant from her family, and now spends her time pretending to eat and exploring the world in vintage clothes. BIO: Alice is a pretty typical girl - on the surface, at least. She can seem a little desperate at times, especially when it comes to her boyfriend, Matt. He loves her, but there's something that's not quite right about her - he just can't put his finger on what it is, exactly. Alice is a tiny, bony thing, and it's self-inflicted. That's right - the school's strangest and most whimsical girl is none other than an anorexic, hiding behind her larger-than-life persona and hoping it will hide her secrets. But someone's bound to find out at some point, aren't they? And it's not just herself that Alice is hurting. She's hurting everyone she loves, too. 
MODEL: Hannah Murray.


Oh, hello. I'm Alice. Hi there. (grins awkwardly) Have you met Matthew? I like him quite a lot.

xo, alice.


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