tell me a lie//one direction♥

that song came on my phone today while me & my friend were listening, and she was like: i don't know this song! I was like guurrrl!?!?!? she likes one direction (not as much as me, i haven't met anyone that insane yet) so i was like, dude this is like my all time fave song. haha oh well(:

omg i hate exams.... just a few left!!!! OMG SO HARRY GOT THIS SHIP TATOO & IT'S IDENTICAL TO THE GUYS TATOO IN TAYLOR'S IKYWT VIDEO. UGH. THATS NOT GOOD...... idk what to think! It's just so annoying how she's dated like..oh lets see 19 GUYS in the past 4 years. and when she dated them, they were all at the peak of thier famousness. and that's exactly where harry is right now. uugh. okay, im done(:

lots of love//xoxo♥
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