Saturday November 3: Concert The Living End are playing The Rosemount Hotel from the 1st to the 7th of November. We're heading down tonight to check it out.

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"I'm not wearing that." Nicole stated immediately eying the outfit i had picked out for her. Well that wasn't exactly the thank you i was looking for , especially after i just picked out such a fabulous outfit for tonight. 

"What? Why not?" I asked, "It will look great on you." I reassured. I was going to get her to wear that outfit even if i needed to bring in reinforcements.

Nicole picked up the simple black skirt, "This," She said pointing to it, "Is way too short." 
I laughed. If she though that was too short than she should see some of the skirts in my closet, 

"It is not. Now go get changed." I ordered, "I don't want to be late." 

"Fine." She sighed, "But i'm not wearing the heels." She said firmly stomping her foot down. 

I snorted on the other side of the room, "Don't even try to convince me. NO-WAY!" I rolled my eyes at her dramatics but at least i got my way and got her into the skirt. Evie: 1. Nicole: 0

"I'll take the skirt as a great victory" I sighed, "Yes you should" She said, "Goodbye my lovers" Nicole sighed dramatically throwing her shorts on the ground. 

"Don't be a full tilt diva" I giggled. I was totally amused by all of this. 

 "Okay how do I look?" She said rolling my eyes.

"Well," I paused for dramatic effect, "The words simply gorgeous come to mind." I said smiling. Seriously the girl needed to wear skirts more often and if i had my way I'd make sure she did. 

Nicole looked at herself in the mirror, "Really?" Her voice sounding unsure. 

"Yes!" I reassured, "Now let's go or we're gonna be late and then i'll have to kill you." I joked. Well, semi joked. I wasn't about to be late to the concert just because Nicole didn't think she looked good when it was blatantly obvious that she did. 

"If you kill me you won't be going to the concert at all." 

"Which is why you should get to walking." I stated dragging her all the way to the front door. So i was a little excited about tonight. Don't judge me. 


There's just something about the way a crowd is at a concert that makes you feel alive. It's the way every single person in that room is connected , even if it's just for a short amount of time. 

"This is great!" Nicole yelled over the music, smiling. 

" yeah it is!" I yelled back with a smile as The Living End started to play my favorite song, "This is my favorite song!" I exclaimed grabbing Nicole's arm, jumping up and down. So, i tend to get a little excited when bands played my favorite song of theirs at a show. Sue me. 

"I can see that." She laughed.

Nicole let out a shriek once Chris Cheney started doing inflections and distortions with his Gretchs White Falcon. I'm pretty sure she just popped my ear drum but whatever I'd let this one slide. 

"This is the best thing ever!" She yelled to me with a smile. 

"You just said that." I laughed, "But you're right it is." 

And she was right, this really was the best thing ever. Well, not as good as sex but it was a very close second. 

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Wrote 4 years ago
love this!!

Wrote 4 years ago
Obviously loved!

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