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Designer Yoda's Couture Showing Gone Amuck 
1. Pick one of the other 6 dresses in this set.
2. Use this background in your set.
3. Add accessories to your dress.
4. Add 6 more dresses. (You DON'T have to create a doll set)
5. Answer the questions below.
6. Add your own question.
7. Tag me and at least three other people.
1. Do you like dressing up? 

Yes. I want to bless everyone with my beauty and style skills

2. Do you like painting your nails? 

Yes, I own at least 30 bottles of nail polish and counting, from OPI by Sephora to American Eagle, I like making designs (Im considering buying Chanel nail polish, but it might not be worth it)

3. If you answered yes above, what color do you like painting your nails the most? 

Black or blue glitter, I love glitter , don't call me Kesha though.

4.What is your favorite type of music/song? 

I like/love hip hop and R&B, Kanye West is my love, Lauryn Hill and Beyonce, I like country too, but don't tell anyone! 

5. What is the place you would like to visit most that you have never been? 

Prague or Hawaii

6. What is your favorite type of food/restaurant? 

McDonalds, Chipotle, quesadillas, chocolate chip muffins, fried wontons, cream cheese rangoons

7.What is your favorite book(s)? 

Uncle Tom's Cabin, Strawberry Hill, The Jungle, (Come back to me when I finish 50 Shades of Grey)

8. Is Polyvore your favorite website or is another your favorite? 

Polyvore is great, my favorite website is ... I guess it is Polyvore then. 

9. What type of sets do you like making most?

Fashion Fashion Fashion

10. How many pages of items do you have saved? 

A ba-jillion, I don't keep count really.

11. If you won the lotto whats the first thing you would buy? 

I would give ALL the money to my mom/throw it away because people who win the lottery go crazy, die, or become broke again, or go to jail, all that money would make me crazy. When you don't work for your money, its nothing to you, you spend like an animal without knowing how hard it was to earn a buck. Maybe I'd get some surgery, and then give it to my mom/throw it away.

12. What do you want to be when you grow up? 

A billionaire (self made, hard worker)

If you dont really like these games no worries :))))

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