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hehehe wow after all those mini announcements, this school year has been kicking my but, hence why i took a lot of "mini breaks" of up to about a week and a half to two weeks. schools been really hard, all my advanced classes are hell and school in general sucks. but yeah. 

so i have a crush and at first he would always flirt with me during class and text me during my classes and i thought he really cared about me and possibly liked me… and so did all my friends! he did a lot of things that were super cute (if you want to know specifics lemme know) but then on instagram my friend from another school got asked by him to winter formal and she started pictures of them together with his arm around her and such and then my close friend who is also really good friends with this girl told me he asked her out but there keeping it on the d-l… so i was like wtf? and he still flirts with me and is super caring and funny with me. and he makes fun of me in a cute way and asdflsdjfk i like him SO much… idk…

but yeah i also got cut from the volleyball team… volleyball is seriously my life and I'm not bad, but i had a super off day for my setting, but anyway it was a hugeee blow to my already low self confidence and so I've been in a state of "depression" for a little bit and i think I'm starting to come out of it, but then this whole crush thing came up.

and I'm feeling low again.. no guys ever like me… i mean is there something wrong with me? idk… but yeah

so I'm trying to find ways to keep myself busy, putting more effort into my school work and looking into taking up photography and video making classes! so yeah! 

if you have any fun ideas to keep me busy hmu yo. :) 

so yeah, thats all for my little "blog" thing! 

hope you uh enjoyed? lol idk

xo ash

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