The " Hey bebe I like motorcycles how about you" Showcase

This showcase will have all kinds of sets that have a motorcycle in them.
There are so many wow sets entered in The Polyvore Galleries all kinds of sets with a motorcycle contest, that I decided to create this showcase.
Here's the contest link,
  • Untitled #995
    "this set is by an awesome Poly, she is @loulynne and she is way cool ♥" — @linda-caricofe
  • Leather Biker Jacket
    "That Harley, so lucky, eh :-) Wowser set by @pmcdl so fab makes me say WOW out loud , WOW" — @linda-caricofe
  • Haute and Hippie Chic
    "Look at that Ninja bike, WOWOWOWWOWOWOW, way cool set by @kristinetabasan" — @linda-caricofe
  • She's Got Legs
    "Yeah bebe, she's got legs and a great ride, awesome set by @duchessbee SALUTE !" — @linda-caricofe
  • Get Your Motor Running
    "It's as though we are able to glimpse at a moment in one's life, the man with his motorcycle, so totally cool...set is by @angiem Salute !" — @linda-caricofe
  • Born to be Wild!!!
    "Awesome set by @tinky5870 for @knight-on-wheels birthday, 2 thumbs up" — @linda-caricofe
  • Ready to ride...
    "how about some eye candy bebe...uh, yeah, love the motorcycle too, teeheheheehe..set is by @girlyideas YUMMY YUMMY YUMMY ♥♥♥" — @linda-caricofe
  • Motor Madness (with soundtrack)
    "So wildly awesome, love this set by @keti-lady ♥♥♥" — @linda-caricofe
  • Ride Motorcycle
    "by one of the coolest Polys on Polyvore @ragnh-mjos
    WHOOT WHOOT !" — @linda-caricofe
  • Untitled #2329
    "On the open road, very difficult set to create, awesome set by @anyower , SALUTE !" — @linda-caricofe
  • Almost Home
    "This entire set is jaw dropping awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Set is by @jackie22 , WOW !" — @linda-caricofe
  • Off to Daytona!!!
    "this Poly is the real deal, she's at Bike Week bebe, rock on bebe rock on and ride that ride...set maker is @girlyideas , SALUTE !" — @linda-caricofe
  • Baby, I'm howlin' for you
    "howling wild set by @chezamanda that motorcycles is a beauty, way coll to have a man set too ♥♥♥" — @linda-caricofe
  • Untitled #1225
    "proud to be able to add this set by @smylin to this collection, that Harley is a dream ♥♥♥" — @linda-caricofe
  • Happy Birthday Coca Cola!
    "I know, it's a scooter, but HEY, it's the Cocoa Cola scooter and it is AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want one...2 thumbs up to @tarakaypoly bebe you are the real deal :-)" — @linda-caricofe
  • ~ Ride like the wind ~
    "out of this world FAB ! Set is by @monicahearts WHOOT WHOOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" — @linda-caricofe
  • Pump Up The Volume
    "omg !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @constanceann Pump Up The Volume set, cool motorcycles in the rear view mirror....AWESOME, eh, way cool !" — @linda-caricofe
  • time to get serious...
    "amazing art by @twinklestar the editing is the must click on set to be seen, SALUTE !" — @linda-caricofe
  • Let's Ride
    "I LOVE that awesome motorcycle......great doll set by @mcheffer ride bebe ride !" — @linda-caricofe
  • Chopp Chopp
    "you bet bebe, born to be wild, awesome set by @duchessbee SALUTE !" — @linda-caricofe
  • Let's Go for a Ride
    "Gonna go for a ride with @jackie22 , you bet, and gonna wear this outfit too, WHOOT WHOOT !" — @linda-caricofe
  • Michael Kors 2013
    "Fabulously chic motorcycle set by @sherry7411 , LOVE this look" — @linda-caricofe
  • Free Your Mind
    "Look at that totally cool motorcycle !!!!! Set is by @gina-m , I LOVE the outfit too, SALUTE !" — @linda-caricofe
    "Fabulous colors, wow motorcycle and the hot girl, yeah, ride bebe set by @czarabella whoot whoot !" — @linda-caricofe
  • 129
    "Love and the motorcycle, goes together like leather and lace, way cool set by @zena-mornara" — @linda-caricofe
  • Untitled #2342
    "The American tradition, the motorcycle on the open road, ride bebe ride....set is by @anyower" — @linda-caricofe
  • Untitled #1224
    "Yeah bebe, the pin up and the motorcycle, the Fonze says, cool bebe cool....set is by @smylin , Salute !" — @linda-caricofe
  • Playboar Centerfold
    "The doors to the Polyvore Galleries swings open, and all turn to stare, then nod approval to the greatest, to Miss Piggy, she's a motorcycle gal, whoot whoot...set is by @ruby-flip-flops" — @linda-caricofe
  • wild side
    "the deal with motorcycles is this, look at this set, wow, set is by @biljana-miric-ex-tomic , another WOW" — @linda-caricofe
  • Ride Contest
    "wacka wacka FAB !!!! Motorcycle glory by @pmcdl , knock out set, whoot whoot !" — @linda-caricofe
  • Ride bebe ride Motorcycle contest for all kinds of sets
    "bet that good looking fella on the red motorcycle is @jcmp 's son, yayayayayayaay, way cool set, fantastic collage, SALUTE !" — @linda-caricofe
  • Electrified Ride
    "She created this in such an awesome way, wowowowowoww, 2 thumbs up to @mollygrant" — @linda-caricofe
  • Steel Horse
    "Did I see a motorcycle, tehehehe, whoot whoot, LOVE this set by @fantasiegirl , way cool" — @linda-caricofe
  • He Likes It
    "Man cave set bebe, see motorcycle on wall, YEAH, also music , Motorcycle, how cool is that ! Set is by @jcmp WHOOT WHOOT !" — @linda-caricofe
  • Biker Babe
    "@mharvey knows the biker deal bebe, whoot whoot !!!" — @linda-caricofe
  • Living in The Fast Lane
    "Yeah, you bet, look at this set by @summersunshinesk7 I LOVE that bike picture on the wall, this Poly is so cool !" — @linda-caricofe
  • Into The Wind
    "@bb60477 just rocked the Polyvore Galleries doors when she entered this set, 2 thumbs up bebe !" — @linda-caricofe
  • Wambli's Viveros Doll
    "Masterpiece by @wambliwakan this doll biker struts her stuff, whoot whoot ♥♥♥" — @linda-caricofe
  • Untitled #1433
    "Even @ilovehedgehogs1029 is in on the motorcycle deal...yeah bebe show me those wheels" — @linda-caricofe
  • Charlie's Angels - Full Throttle
    "@smylin knocks one out to home base with this wowser set , SALUTE !" — @linda-caricofe
  • All that you wish for....
    "no words needed, just stare with mouth open with wow floating in air..set is by @maryanne-busuttil" — @linda-caricofe
  • The Rocker
    "The rocker, yeah, teheeheee...notice the black cat too...set is by @maryanne-busuttil" — @linda-caricofe
  • Born to be wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiild....
    "I am gaga for these motorcycle sets, this one is by
    @athenamtz and titled, Born to the Wild, a favorite song by Steppenwolf, ROCK on bebe !" — @linda-caricofe
  • Ave Mary A - Pink
    "This is, well, look and you will agree, W O W
    Set is by @girlyideas and it's a doll too, salute !" — @linda-caricofe


Wrote two years ago
@linda-caricofe ....... Fantastic collection,thank you for adding mine to it!!

Wrote two years ago
Thank you so much for adding my set to your showcase collection!

Wrote two years ago
Thank u my dear for adding my set in amazing collection!! :*

Wrote two years ago
Cool collection, Thank you very much for adding my set :)

Wrote two years ago
Wow, what a cool collection! Thanks for including my set :)

Wrote two years ago
Very cool collection of motorcycle sets! So glad you included my set too!! Thank you dear!!

Wrote two years ago
Thanks for adding my set!x

Wrote two years ago
@lindacaricofe.....Thank you so much for adding my Set to a WOW collection !!! ♥

Wrote two years ago
What a fun collection - thank you for including my set!!

Wrote two years ago
Thank you so much @linda-caricofe for including my "Electrified Ride" in your showcase! :-)

Wrote two years ago
Woow cool :D


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