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Winter Jessop; CD+N

what: ‘the watch’ movie premiere
place: chinese theatre, 5pm
attire: dressy, but gowns not necessary
other: jonah hill, vince vaughn and ben stiller star in this sci-fi comedy, but it’s really the after party that’s the drawcard. everyone in hollywood who’s even mildly funny will be there.

- - - - 

It was another premiere, and these things were seriously getting monotonous for Winter. Was this her third one in the last month? She wasn't entirely sure. All Winter knew was that the paparazzi were expecting her to make an entrance, cause a scene, and wind up with her face plastered across the next morning's tabloids probably in the arms of some distinguished actor who no doubt would tarnish his reputation and deny the whole ordeal entirely.

But Winter didn't care. That was the thing about her; she never cared. Her walls were so built up that by this time, nothing could phase her. She'd continue to make headlines, regardless of what people thought. Perhaps that was something that came with being one of Hollywood's golden girls. Nobody seemed to care if you were an ass as long as you were a success in the movie.

"Winter! Over here! Look over here!"
"How are you faring after the breakup?"
"Hey gorgeous. Smile at the camera!"
"Come over here. Can we have a word?"
"Any comment on your latest run-in with the cops?"

The paparazzi pelted her with questions as the camera lights flickered, blinding her temporarily. She just continued to smile--but it was more of a smirk, anyways. Luckily, Winter's red carpet escort pushed a handful of persistent photographers away as he ushered her down the line.

A few meters down, she noticed Hannah and two girls she wasn't as familiar with posing for pictures respectively. They seemed not to notice Winter until she left her spot on the carpet--much to the paparazzi's dismay--and met up with them instead.

"Winter! Haven't seen you in a while," Hannah said with a smile or surprise. "Well, apart from the magazine spreads."

Winter shrugged her shoulder nonchalantly and quickly flashed a smile to the awaiting photographers.

"It happens," she smirked.

Hannah chuckled. "How're things going? I mean, with the break-up and all?" 

"Oh, horrendous. I cry every night over a pint of Ben & Jerry's. I can hardly leave my home anymore. The pain is unbearable," she said, rolling her eyes in a bored fashion. Hannah opened her mouth to speak, but then decided against it, realizing Winter was clearly being sarcastic.

"Right," Hannah gave a light-hearted chuckle. "Oh, have you met Hadley Reid, yet?" She moved aside to introduce the one of the girls who had been standing behind them while Winter and Hannah conversed. 

"And this is Darcy Kirke," Hannah added, pointing to the second girl. She smiled faintly and gave a quick wave which Winter returned.

Hadley gave a warm smile when Winter shook her head 'no.' She extended her hand generously to shake.

"But I have heard of you before," Winter added as she shook the girl's hand. "I'm Win--"

"Winter Jessop. I know," Hadley chimed in. "It's hard to find someone who hasn't heard of you."

Winter quirked an eyebrow at Hadley.

"By that, I mean, you've been in so many well known movies," she amended quickly.

"And on the cover of every tabloid magazine. Yes, I know and I'm well aware. No need to pretend," she smirked.

Hadley chuckled again and muttered a small 'sorry' but Winter didn't seem hear her as the crowd of photographers began to raise their voices again.

"Pictures?" Darcy asked the girls. Winter gave a curt nod and turned around, positioning herself between Hannah and Darcy, with Hadley on the side of Hannah so that they could take a few quick photographs together.

"Smile," Winter said with as fake a grin as she could muster for the paparazzi. Hannah noticed Winter's discomfort with the photographers and chuckled a little before turning her attention back to the snapping shutters and flashing lights.


"Oh thank God that's over," Winter sighed, running a hand through her brown locks as collapsed into one of the velvet-cushioned seats at the movie's after party.

Charlotte couldn't help but laugh as she took a seat next to her best friend, albeit, more gracefully than Winter had.

"What? Did you cause another craze on the red carpet?" she questioned.

"No," Winter said with a roll of her eyes. "Oh, give me that." She reached out to a nearby waiter who was carrying a tray of glasses of champagne and picked on up. She took a long, hearty sip before reclining back in the chair with a satisfied sigh.

"That's surprising. You know, you being relatively quiet on the carpet. No public indecency, no swearing, no nothing. Kinda boring, actually," Charlotte quipped.

"Ah, but the night's still young," Winter added with a smirk. She turned around and reached for another glass of champagne, which she once again downed rather quickly.

It was on her fourth glass that Charlotte raised an eyebrow and began to question why Winter was keen on drinking so much champagne. Winter caught her look and sighed exasperatedly. 

"Here," she said, handing over a glass of champagne to Charlotte. "It's more fun when I'm not the only one getting drunk."

Charlotte chuckled and accepted the drink. "To the tabloids," she said, raising her glass to a toast. Winter mimicked her actions and clinked her own glass against Charlotte's before finishing off yet another one. She was certainly going to be in for a long night and undoubtedly, her face would end up on a tabloid the next morning, just as she assumed. All in a day's work, really.

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