shein collab 15 ♡ set 1 of 10

-- red / catfish and the bottlemen
-- drive desperate / cold war kids


i love cwk and this dress so much! i think i've already used this cwk song tho. i just listened to catb's no-so-new-anymore album???? i knew it came out ages ago and then i never listened to the whole thing. i have no valid reason for that lol but it is really good. i haven't done a throwback in a while but here's an old set that i made a couple of years ago with this same dress. i love it so much, i remember making it so clearly!

it's cool that polyvore changes so much. it's sad that lots of people who were around when i made that set are gone now, but there are still a few of my original friends here which is really nice. it makes me feel less alone because those people have known me for over three years. ppl such as @/heartbreakmotel, @/vanemarie, @/relephant, @/seafound, @/spacemode ahh i miss our old 'squads.' it's cool too because we all used to make similar styled magazine sets and now we've all branched out a lot in very different ways. good times!

which reminds me, one of our great friends, @r-4chel, is back!! woo. i swear you guys will love her so much- she's super rad. give her some love!! :) <3

this is late but i want to say it here so i can look back on it one day: pusheen themed polyvore hehehe, that happened. polyvore is great but i reckon they should add some different features? give the site a little bit of a push. it would be nice if we could see when someone is online, or if you could do "statuses." that's kinda mainstream but if it was like the announcements in groups (except on our profiles), it would probably still fit in. that, or cover pictures because i've wanted cover pictures for soo long. that probably won't happen but pls bring back showcases, i miss them so much

oh, also, my battle group's first contest is up and running!!! i'm sooo happy you guys are really into it. i still can't believe it's happening! i won't let you down ahaha. and if you're interested in joining, i'll advertise any open spots that may come up! also, remember, don't direct any questions about the group to this account! i wanna keep everything organised, so when addressing the group in any way, consider me as @/swimmingintheflood, not @/feels-like-snow-in-september ♡

literally all i've been doing this week is watching voyager oops. it brings back so many memories. and now i'm watching one of conor's livestreams from the last week because someone i'm friends with on facebook was looking at a conor video and i was like GIRL. well this is getting really long so bye bye x

edit: i just realised i got a top set?!? i got one the other day on my other account too :O

comment your favourite song right now if you read all of this!

- jemma

14.8.16 @polyvore @polyvore-editorial
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Wrote three months ago
@kamakira thank you so much! aren't they great!!! :) i love those songs xx

Wrote three months ago
I looooove this set so so much. and also catfish and the bottlemen and cwk!! my favorite song.. crap this is hard. but my favorites at the moment are somebody else by the 1975, cocoon by catb, and dos mil trece by zoé!

Wrote three months ago
@r-4chel awww ily2!!!! <3

Wrote three months ago
I LOVE U JEMMA SM and i love this amazing set xoxo



☽ sweet dreams ☾ | simple & magazine sets

☽ sweet dreams ☾ | simple & magazine sets

welcome to the group where you can express your style, no matter what it may be! both magazine and simple sets are welcome and we hold contests regularly~
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polyvore paradise ❁

polyvore paradise ❁

welcome to polyvore paradise! this group features weekly contests with trophies, set advertisement, different styles, and fun themes. submit magazine sets (most likely to win contests), advertisements (shoutouts, announcements, taglists), and other fashion sets!
any styles are welcome- fresh, indie, minimal, preppy, artsy, grunge, classy, boho, hipster, whatever you fancy! no home, beauty, roleplay, anon, tip, or icon sets, thanks! :)
feel free to submit contest suggestions! message me [jemma] at @feels-like-snow-in-september. you will be given full credit in the contest
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the p o l y v o r e magazine ♕

the p o l y v o r e magazine ♕

hi everyone, welcome to the polyvore magazine!
this groups is for magazine sets only, but you will still find plenty of unique sets here. please join as there will be regular contests once we reach 30 members.
no hate or copying! have fun :)
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✩; sleepless nights // polyvore fashion contests

✩; sleepless nights // polyvore fashion contests

hi! welcome to the ✩; sleepless nights group!
a group that holds different contests weekly, and for you to express your talents through fashion sets.
the rules include:
- organised & neat sets
- all fashion sets welcome (magazine sets, simple sets, etc.)
- no sets that have been copied/stolen from others. you'll be disqualified from the contest and perhaps blocked from the group. BE ORIGINAL!
have fun, stay creative, and be original!
for any questions, please message me.
- ellie xo

- ̗̀  mess of a dreamer ♡

- ̗̀ mess of a dreamer ♡

this group will be for fashion sets or art sets, so if you make those, feel free to join c:
currently, there will be a new contest every week ♡
if you have a contest idea, message me. if i use your idea, i'll give you a shoutout and some set likes c:
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- ̗̀ celebrities ♡ ♡

- ̗̀ celebrities ♡ ♡

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