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hey now / london grammar

hello loves ♡

this set is inspired by sorcha // @summer23134 again bc her sets are perfect and she has an actual life and boyfriend haha unlike me wasting my days on polyvore. hi sorch ♡

lovee london grammar, they're perfect; hannah, dot, and dan. look at them, awe. i love their style of music, it's kind of like sia and florence + the machine.

i just really love english artists / bands actually. they have amazing voices and they aren't trashy. especially indietronica and trip hop, i love.

might have a listen to foxes and sky ferreira, apparently they're good. didn't even know sky sang, haha.

aye my shirt edit in this set :))) is that alexa chung and what's-her-name? i can't see it clearly, i'm on mobile lol.

oh and the boys of course. i hate how fans have to be behind the barriers. i completely understand why, but the boys have to take pictures with them through the fences and it's just sad.

although i wouldn't care about barriers if i saw one direction.

haha i sound like an obsessed fan for saying that, oops.

oh yeah farrah // @twisted-fantasies ty for the valentines card, it was sweet even though lauren chose tswiz to annoy me hahaha. ur the only one who's given me anything valentines related but you're my friend so it doesn't count ok heh.

speaking of valentines day, who's got a valentine? not me, but the chocolates will be cheap at least. and i might be going to my friend's brother's birthday party (valentines child aha). maybe i should get him flowers as a joke.

okie, don't get the hug curse, it's really annoying after a while ♡

bye xx
- jemma

13.2.14 @polyvore @polyvore-editorial
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