25th my Party.
Where - Seb's penthouse in Elkann building
When - from 10 pm to sunset
Theme - everyone is nobody
What to wear - mask! no one will recognize you...will you take advantage of it? pay attention, the guy you think it's the prince charming could be just a frog..

"Am I invited at your party?" Seb asked me smiling from the bed where he was lyin.
"For sure!" I jumped on him, hugging him; he was doin so much for me in those days that at least I had to let him join my marvellous party.
"You have to pay your entry" I smirked
"My whole house and a box of champagne is enough" he stated.
"I agree. you'll have a mask for free. Oh and obviously a privè pass" I smiled.


I was sitting on a couch in the vip area, the perfect place to see anybody and to not be seen. The party was perfect, I had planned every single detail, Seb's penthouse was crowded but lookin at the people who were there it was easy to understand that was really elitaire. Everything screamed decadence, richness, luxury and lust. I was the bored queen of the castle, sitting alone and waiting for my girls; it was always like that, it seemed like I was the one to not enjoy my party. Plus, that night Jude was not there cause he was singing in some dirty pub.
"Hi sweetie!" I yelled seein Ar coming
"Hey hun!"she hugged me as hard as she could and checked out my bro's penthouse "This is effin magic!"
"Yes, well, it costs a fortune, so better be!" I laughed.
Then we saw the police comin to arrest the poor Ryder, Ar and I knew that Lex was doing a big mistake but we knew too that it was impossible to make change her mind, so we restrictet ourselves to look at her in disapproval and to be ready to support her once she realized the she was doing. Even the policed arrestet Ryder, the party didn't stop but without my girls, who were slipped away, or a guy to flirt with for me it was over. I took the last bottle of champagne left from Seb's stock and I went towards the emergency exit, then I sat on a step outside the door, I ate a pill and opened the bottle, walkin the way of self disctruction.
"Hurray Soph!" I whispered drinking a sip of that delicious sparkling. I lain on the ground, staring at the starry sky of NY, then I fell asleep, dead-drunk, still wearing my lace mask.
A cold hand caressed my cheek, I opened the eyes but in the mist of drug & alcohol I wasn't able to recognize who was lookin at me from the top.
"Hi Sophie" he smiled behind his black mask.
" smell good" I said tryin to focus his face.
"you smell like a wine cellar" he giggled "bot you're still delicious" he came closer and kissed my neck. Than kiss was a wake up call, it was warm, greedy and familiar.
"I'm happy you're back in time for the party J"


I woke up in Jude's bed, wrapped by his arms.
"Hey you" I smiled lookin at him.
"Hi party girl" he said caressing my naked shoulder "how was the party?"
"great for what I remember...but you should know it" I glanced up joking "masks look amazing on us"
"I didn't wear any mask. And neither you. When I arrived the party was almost over and you were sleepin in Seb's room" he said a little puzzled
"what??? I was on the stairs outside when you..." my voice became a whisper
"you were was just a dream baby" he beamed.
"oh well...whatever..." I mumbled. I knew that was not a dream. It was so real that I could still smell of that mask.
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