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"I am not getting drunk tonight." Cordelia said bluntly , half glarring at me. I suppose she might still be a little annoyed about the roof top party. I did kinda break my promise but she did end up going home with some random hot guy. 

 "Yeah neither i am." I said eyeing the harbour off "I don't think it is a good idea with the water , you know." I said eyeing of the harbour. I wouldn't want to end up in there.

"I'm hoping my stomach doesn't lurch, I was sea sick as a child-" Cordelia said as we walked up to the harbour. "-fingers crossed my stomachs learnt to toughen up over these years" She added a small smile on her face.

 "I'm not promising, but, I might hold your hair back if you puke your guts up" I said with a smile. I was careful not to promise anything , just incase. Though since Billie wasn't here i doubt i'd have to go save him or whatever random people he was harassing.

"Well that's nice of you." Cordelia said with an eye roll. "You sure your not just going to abandon me?" She said with a small smirk. 

 "If i see someone who has the same name as a certain crab from the little mermaid i might." I said a cheeky grin coming across me. "Harp, shut it." She said playfully punching my arm.

"How do you not know? He might be there tonight" I smirked, nudging me in the rib. I was honestly hoping he was , maybe he could be an allie in stopping Del from working so much.

 "You're definitely going to get your flirt on" I added in a sing-song tone. "If you don't stop speaking about Sebastian, I might push you overboard" She stated looking over me. Stupid tall Del.

 "You wouldn't" I said "I can make it look like an accident" She smirked before letting out a fake evil laugh.

"I can swim you know , Push me over and i will swim to safety and tell everyone what you did." I said. She scoffed "You can not swim to shore Harper , I have seen you swim."

"All of this because i mentioned your lover boy who just seems to bump into you randomly." I said with a grin. Cordelia rolled her eyes "Why don't we talk about your love life Harp?" she said. I scrunched my face up "Good luck with that since it is non existent."

"Mine was basically none existent, I don't even know if you can say I have a love life" She said rolling her eyes at me before scanning room. Probably looking for the bathroom just incase she needed to vomit.

 "As if!" I mumbled. "At least you've got a man in your life. The only man I got is Billie and he's life is dedicated to ice-cream and soda" I said finding a glass of white wine and placing it to my lips. "I don't even think you'd call Billie a man" Del said confused causing my to laugh a little. Billie wasn't exactly manly so i could see where the confusion came from.

"You know strictly speaking physically you know .... Billie is a guy." I said biting my lip trying to hold back a laugh. "Oh god." Delia said laughing "I don't even want to know what... just no." She said with a grin on her face.

"Yeah, because you haven't had to witness one of his I-forgot-my-towel moments" I said nodding before bursting out laughing and shaking my head at Del's horrified expression. It was actually pretty funny. 

"You know, once you see something, you can't unsee it" I added, my smile growing. It was fun teasing Del about Billie.

"I don't want the mental images"She said shaking her head ,a lot. I was suprised her head didn't fall off. I would have let her continued but then i spotted someone. I nudged her looking over in Sebastian direction "I spy with my little eye, something beginning with S" I smirked, making fake kissy noises.

"Oh stop it you." Delia said "Its not like we even kissed." I raised an eyebrow. "What i can't remember what happened that night."

 "What about that day he bumped into you?" I asked slightly surprised , the guy was hot and Cordelia at least seemed to like him.

 "We talked Harper. I know that may sound odd to you." she said smirking a little. "I am not sure what you are insinuating Del." I said a fake pout crossing my face.

"I'm insinuating that you like sucking face with boys" She grinned, playing with her.Probably trying to look innocent or get Sebastian's attention , I'm not sure. 

 "I do not 'suck face'!" I said using air quotes , I may have kissed a few boys in my time but that is hardly sucking face. I folded my arms trying to look intimidating. "I wouldn't do that if I were you, that man's checking out your boobs" Cordelia grinned.

"What?" I said dropping my arms and looking around for this guy. "Were you lying?" I said looking at Delia suspiciously. 

She laughed a little "Why would i lie about that?" "To distract me? Doesn't matter my boobs are flawless so i don't blame him." I said once again crossing my arms. This was more of a statement then me actually thinking my breast were flawless. If i guy was checking me out so be it.

Flawless? Your boobs? You sound a little c*cky" Del laughed, "I'm happy with my body" I shrugged. 

"I'm gonna flaunt what my Mumma gave me" I spoke in a sing-song tone with a growing smirk,I need to get Del to loosen up that way when Sebastian came over , which he would , she wouldn't be so well Del-ish. I grabbed her arms and made her dance , It didn't matter that there was no music at the time.

 "You're such a freak" She laughed smiling over at Sebastian. Looks like my plan was working.
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