Hey! This One Deserves to Win!


Do you have a set that you totally love and are very proud of but NEVER has won anything? No matter how many contests you enter it on, somehow, inexplicable!!! it never wins... It's like if no one can see how gorgeous your children are!! Jeez!!!

Well my dears, this is your chance: enter ONLY your 'no-winning-multiple-entered-sets', I'm going to check!...But don't over do it, please, be honest, don't enter your 'ugly ducklings'... I could limit you to 3 sets, but maybe you have 4 'unappreciated-undiscovered-beauty-queens'

So, no more than 4 sets per participant, please!!! OK, 5!!! But no more than FIVE sets, and I mean it!!!! (haha, I'm so bad today :P)
RULES: 3 days, 12 winners, FIVE limit!!!!! and if for some reason one of your summited sets wins some other contest before this one ends, delete it (or I'll do it) and summit another one ( keep the 5 sets limit, please)

Created by lissy810. Created in ?ReLaX...iT's JuSt A cOnTeST?. 213 sets from 47 members. Ended 5 years ago.