this set is kinda cutee. i like the layoutt, but not so much the colorss. :P

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kay. blog. (:

- today was kinda okaay. like, nothing went that badd. except im mad at one of my sophomore friends. but whateverr. he was kindaa being a doucheee./:
- at lunchh, i forgot my acquaintance-sorta's name. & so i was like, what's your namee? lol & my friend told me & he just smiled and hugged mee. it was weird. lol, but it actually felt really nice. idk. lmfaoo; hes like an expert huggerr! xD no, but seriously. i just like, i wanted to fall asleep on his shoulderr. it felt nicee(: you knoww? like, a satisfying hugg? lmfao. you think im a freak now. xP & no, i don't like him in a more-than-friend kinda way. :P
- so when i had historyy, the cute guy that i DO likee, was sitting.. two rows to the right of mee. &, at one point during the period, we just kept looking at eachother & trying nott to be so obvious about itt. like, looking at one when the other was looking away. :P we ended up making eye contact aboutt five times in.. 15-ish minutes? it was adorablee. lol i was like, FLOATiNGG in my happiness (;♥
- & then after class, it was almost as if he was waiting for mee. he was standing sorta akwardly-ish in the front of the room, like adjusting his bag straps. & they were justt fine. XD but once i started walking up to the front, he started walking againn(: loll & i was going to say somethingg to start conversationn. but BiiTCH, PLEASEE. the flirtyy girl like, walked right past me & HUGGED HiM. D:< like, shes my friendd, & i havent told her that i liked him. buut ughh./: & like, he didn't really hug her back the first time, & then she was like, "what kinda crappyy hug was thatt? hug me forreal." & it was like, akwardsville. hahaa. oh welll. 
- i really hope he likes me thoughh, & that im not taking anything the wrong waay./:
- hmm, what elsee?? i think that's itt. :P idk why i did this in bullet form. lolol. i won't do it next timee, most likelyy. but i just had a lott of different things to say. (: i have to go finish my homework noww. blahh./: 

enjoy the restt of your day!(:
comment & favee, por favorr.
& thankyouuu♥

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