A ~ Are you single?
Yess. #ForeverAlone 
B ~ Birthday?
February 10th ;D
C ~ Crush?
One Direction, the Janoskians, and a guyyyy. lol.
D ~ Drink you last had?
Orange Juice

E ~ Easiest person to talk to?
umm @simplychloexx and @isa1dxx
F ~ Favorite song?
Lady Killers by G-Eazy
G ~ Good at?
umm idk eating. lol @isa1dxx

H ~ Hair color?
Blonde, kinda brown, and red at the bottom now becuase i did the kool-aid thing :D

I ~ In love with?
J ~ Jealous of?
Eleanor calder, Ariana grade, mostly all the beautiful people in the world @isa1dxx
K ~ Known the longest?
isabellllll @isa1dxx
L ~ Longest relationship?
umm idk like 3 or 4 months?
M ~ Middle name?
.....id rather not say.
N ~ Number?
whut. lol. 8?

O ~ One wish?
To be prettier
P ~ Person last texted?
my friend Chloe @simplychloexx
Q ~ Question always asked?
"Do you ever talk" @isa1dxx
R ~ Reason to smile?
My friends, food, the janoskians
S ~ Song last listened to?
Thrift Shop. lolol. :D
T ~ Time you woke up?
7. asdfghjkl;
U ~ Underwear color?
black and white stripes. lol.
V ~ Violent moment?
When i choked my dog. jk. lol
W ~ Worst fear?
dying, spiders and sharks

X ~ Ex you never stopped loving?
Y ~ Your last hug?
umm my friend Kynnereth
Z ~ Zodiac sign?
Aquarius :D

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