Nirvana- Heart-shaped Box
Collab with the very amazing @sassy. <3 you.

It was simply that drifting state as he watched tv, some show was on that he didn't really remember or care about. Simply noise to fill the house that only he occupied. Maybe he should get a dog or something. At least to have another presence to fill the void. Musing as he tried not to fall asleep to the rambling woman talking of the latest gossip in Hollywood. His phone rang, causing his hand to press the button to shut off the tv and he answered the phone, "Ten?" He answered after a few rings, sounding a bit distracted from idle thoughts and almost sleep state. 

"Hey, are you home?" She asked bluntly, not wanting to get lost into useless words. 

"Yeah-" He started but she cut him off. 

"Can you come out? I'm here." She said quietly. 

He broke into a laugh, "Are you stalking me?" 

"I'm with Judas" She snorted into the phone. 

He stood up all the same and headed for the door peeking his head out and looking around. His eyes met her's and a grin appeared on his gorgeous face, "You're both more than welcome." He said before hanging up. 

She slid her phone back into her jacket, walking towards him as the dog followed me. "Hi." She said simply as she was in front of him, biting down on her lip. 

"Hi you." He cocked his head to the side, his eyes boring into her's as he tried to figure out her reasons for being there. Did she miss him? It could be a possibility. He continued after a moment, "What are you doing here?" 

"I just wanted to see you." She shrugged.

His eyes lit up even with her casual tone, stepping back to let her and the puppy inside. "Come on in. It's kinda cold out there." 

"I don't know..." She glanced down at the puppy then back to him. 

"It's ok. My guitars are upstairs and the downstairs isn't dangerous." He crossed his fingers over his heart, "Scouts honor." 

"You were never a scout, Romeo." Kristen told him as she gently tugged on Judas' leash to lead the dog inside so Romeo could close the door. 

"Details.." He shook his head, his hands sliding into his pockets as he walked behind her, trusting she remembered the way to the living room. 

"...that don't always add up." The blonde murmured more to herself than him, moving over to the couch to sit down. 

He flopped down beside her, his long arms going along the back of the couch to either side of him. His fingertips brushing her shoulder farthest away from him, "What's up?" He knew there had to be a reason she came by as she seemed to be content with calls before.

"Nothing special." She shrugged, unleashing Judas to let the puppy wander off. "Just writing, sleeping and eating." She explained. 

"Sounds good." He nodded his head slowly, his eyes not leaving her's, he suspected she was up to more but decided not to press at the moment. 

The blonde folded her arms over her chest, setting her head against the back of the couch as she stared at him just as intently. "What?" She asked, raising one eyebrow. 

"What...what?" He questioned back, smirking as he was going for playful. She was so quiet and serious, unlike the girl he had started to like rather well the last time he seen her. 

"You're being all weird." She said quietly, her eyes leaving his just to glance at Judas who was running like a crazy puppy all around the room. 

He ran a hand through his hair, breaking the eye contact, "I'm not, I'm surprised that you're here with no reason." 

She bit down on her lip, "I didn't know I needed a reason to see you. If I'm bothering you I can go away." Her tone cold that surprised him with the way it suddenly appeared in her voice like an unexpected frost.

"No." He spoke quickly, his tone firm as his hands went out to capture one of her's in both of his own to hold. Romeo didn't want to scare her off or anything. "You're always welcome here, Kris. Don't be like that. Please." There was that quiet plea, ever so rarely spoken. She was finally in his home and he felt more at ease yet anxious at the same time.

"Right.." She patted his hands with her free one then rested her hand on them, looking to him, "It's been a few days.. What have you been up to?" The blonde lifted a brow at him. 

"Nothing much.. Making the most of the cold weather and unpacking some of my boxes because I'm inside anyways.. I set up my music room." He leaned in closer to her, "Did you want to see?" 

She gazed into his eyes, quiet for a few moments before looking to the puppy that nudged her leg, "I should probably stay down here so he doesn't tear up your house." 

"Right.." He nodded, his tone just a bit disappointed. He had made a few accomplishments in the actual months he had been in the house but understood the other reason she likely didn't want to go upstairs was because it was closer to his bedroom as well.

"The next time I'll come here I won't bring him with me and you'll show it to me..." She trailed off, squeezing his hands and cocking her head to the side to look at him. 

He raised one eyebrow. Did she mean it? There didn't seem to be anything about her tone or face that was to say the opposite. A grin crossed his face, believing her this time yet making sure. "There will be a next time...?" He quiestioned, moving his thumb in circles against the palm of her hand. 

She nodded and bit her lip as she appeared to think a moment before speaking, "Yes, but there's one condition." She ran her tongue across her bottom lip, freeing it from her teeth. 

"Your ideas usually worry me." He said carefully, staring at the blonde in front of him. 

"Such a lie." She sighed and shook her head, biting back a smirk before speaking her mind, "You'll let me hear you sing." 

"No, I'm too shy for that." He grinned wide, the lie all over his face. If she wanted him to sing he would sprint for his guitar that very moment. She had to know that. 

"Oh come on, Romeo!" She squeezed his hands and pouted, leaning into him as she gave him her best puppy eyes. "Please." 

He tried to compose himself and keep a straight face, but his grin was still lingering. She knew all too well how to get too him. Even still he put out a tiny fib, "I don't know, I have to think about it." He shook his head, just to tease and see how much she was able to beg. 

"Fine, then you won't see me here anymore." Kristen slipped her hands out of his grasp and paused, but just when she was about to talk again she looked past him. Catching sight of the puppy running fast toward the hallway that led to the stairs, "Judas!"

He stood up as she did, the puppy quick as a flash to scramble up the stairs. The little guy had a head start. Romeo was jogging beside her to head up the stairs, "Don't worry.. I think I closed the door to the music room. Just the guest rooms and mine for him to go into." 

"Do you want to risk your vintage Gibson on that?" She arched a brow at him, a teasing grin on her face again as they climbed the stairs. 

"Shi.t.. My Les Paul. How did you?..." He blinked at the blonde. 

"I might have seen you on the Grammys while flipping through the channels.." She said offhandedly, glancing down the hall where most of the doors were open. 

"To know what kind of guitar I was playing you had to have done more than just glance at the show..and me." He grinned, shoving his hands in his pockets. 

"Maybe..." She tipped her head to the side, "Judas?.. I think I hear him.." The sound of the puppy heard barking then a small crash. 

He swallowed hard, "Uh.. Music room.." They moved down the hall to the door that actually was open or at least nudged that way by the dog. He peered inside the door, "Oh.. Ok. Just knocked over a lamp. No big deal." The tall brunet stepped aside so she could come inside as well. The puppy was wagging his tail as he stood beside the broken item. 

She looked at the destruction then back to him, "I'll pay for that..." 

"Wal-Mart sale.. I was hoping to break it some time soon myself." Came his witty retort, accompanied with a grin. "Judas just beat me to it. And looks proud about it."

"Sure he is." The blonde grinned, glancing at her puppy then back at Romeo, "I'm sorry though, I knew something like this could happen. He's quite a disaster." 

"I like him." He laughed and kneeled down, scratching the back of my dog's ears and making him bark in excitement, "And I think the feeling is mutual." 

"Then I'm the only one here who doesn't like you." She teased him and bit back a smirk, her eyes wandering around the room and stopping on every single detail, music related or not. He knew she was taking in the few guitars, pieces of papers with notes scribbled on, a laptop and a bunch of other things he needed for writing or composing. "I like here, you did a good job." She said honestly. 

"Thank you, it took me a while but yeah..." He trailed off and glanced up at her, the puppy taking advantage of him being distracted to run out of the room. 

"Oh god." She groaned and followed the puppy. 

Romeo walked next to her, looking at her from the corner of his eye and smirking, "He can't behave, huh?" 

She nodded as she folded her arms over her chest, staring at the hallway in front of them, "He reminds me of someone."

"I have no idea who you are talking about." He chuckled, running a hand through his dark hair. 

"Sure you don't.. Stop looking guilty." 

"If I had known it would take you bringing your puppy to my house to get you in my bedroom I would have invited you both over sooner." He tried changing the subject as they walked into the room. The room looked minimal at best. A full sized bed, an over stuffed chair, dresser and a door that led to a bathroom. 

She looked around the room then to the puppy pawing at the bathroom door and back to him, "This isn't your room.. There's nothing of you here." 

Romeo sighed, a small smile creeping onto his lips all the same, "You're right.. It's just one of the guest rooms. I haven't tried the bed yet, are you game?" He arched a brow at her playfully.

She cocked her head to the side, staring at him a few moments before talking, "Are you having fun?" Kristen questioned, the tone of her voice cold. 

"What am I doing now?" He blinked his eyes, looking rather confused. 

"Teasing me...almost mocking me because I don't want to sleep with you." She glared at him.

"Oh come on Kris." He sighed, walking over her and lifting her chin up with one finger, "I was just joking." 

"What if I wanted to do it?" She said out of nowhere and completely ignoring him.

He raised one eyebrow, " what?" 

"This." She said firmly and set her hands on his chest, forcing him to walk backwards until he was close enough to the bed to sit. The blonde straddled his lap, wrapping her arms around his neck as she leaned in to kiss him.

He looked up at her as she leaned in, his hand brushing her cheek in a familiar way. Romeo could feel the hesitance in her motions once they were close. Had they lost that so quickly? 

Kristen tipped her head down, pressing a kiss to his lips as she leaned into him as close as she was able. 

His free hand ran over her hip when she shifted in his lap, a slow breath taken through his nose. "Mmm. Kris.." 

She deepened the kiss, her fingers tangling in his hair for a tug while she leaned forward. 

His hand left her hip so he didn't fall to abruptly as he leaned back on the bed, not quite used to this more aggressive side of her. Once on his back he held her just as close, he missed the kisses yet there was something missing. He thought it was there before, certainly was at the mini golf.

She broke the kiss and pulled her head back to look into his eyes, trying to read something into them. "What?" She asked quietly, her hands running down his chest to slip under his t-shirt. 

"Nothing." He answered just as quietly, shaking his head before cupping the back of her neck and pulling her closer to him again to press his lips against her's. 

She let his tongue slide into her mouth and deepen the kiss, groaning as her fingers brushed against his hard abs. 

His arms wrapped around her waist and held her tight before he rolled over onto his side to have the slender blonde beneath him. He broke the kiss just to trail his mouth down her neck, sucking on her skin in the process and causing a sigh escaping from her lips. He pressed another kiss to the crook of her neck, noticing that she wasn't quite returning the affection. A quiet sigh slid from his own lips and he pulled back. 

"What?" She breathed the question, looking up at him. 

"You don't want to.. It's ok." He told her quietly, his hand resting upon her side and not moving for the moment. 

"I do want to,Romeo.. It just doesn't feel right." She bit her lip gently, watching his expression. 

"Right.. You're still with that Josh.. Sorry." His hand left her to run through his dark hair, moving to lay next to her on his side. He held his head up with one hand to look down at her, "I'm not going to push you to do anything you don't want to." His words ringing familiar from so many years ago, whispered to a nervous girl.
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